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112 employees testified that Emrah Serbes was alcoholic

In his traffic accident, the author of the deaths of 3 people, Emrah Serbes 39; I was examined after the accident, 112 emergency service staff, the ambulance received a description of the alcoholic and 39;

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112 employees testified that Emrah Serbes was alcoholic
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In district of Izmir Torbali, car that was used in front of car, which was hit by car, author of death of 3 people, after accident examination of 112 emergency service staff, staff of employees, expressed that alcoholic He showed up. The investigation continues after mortal accident caused by author of Republican chief Prosecutor's office in bag. In this context, criminal report, evidence and eyewitness statements demanded from relevant institutions are added to investigation file. Ayrancılar Gendarmerie police station, received testimony as a witness in 112 emergency Service team, a medical staff, said that when y went to scene of accident in ambulance, and he did examination. Izmir-Aydin Motorway " The health worker who transferred to scene on a "traffic accident" report reported that re was anor ambulance here, and that situation was interfering with emergency people, and that team was injured in event that black He noted that vehicle was shown to m.

He n returned to black car, stating that health worker said: "I learned name at scene, Emrah Serif, person who was in charge of our ambulance, and examined him. When I examined person named Emrah, I smelled alcohol. Meanwhile, I asked who drove car. He said, "He's using a friend who's with me." Meanwhile, he asked about condition of patients in or vehicles involved. He even asked if he was a dead person. I said, "There's a dead person, but or team is interfering." I asked him if he'd go to hospital. He declared that he did not want to go. " Anor employee in ambulance also testified that he faced crime scene with Serbes, he looked exhausted, not himself, he was unable to stand up to his speech and movements and used alcohol. It was understood. 112 Emergency service workers, car that was using accident, said to him, "we were going 150-160 kilometers. I went to overtake, because air was wet, and I hit front in white-colored car, "he said. half a bottle full of whiskey under vehicle Menderes Highway Maintenance Operation Supervisor, an officer working in post-accident on highway, said y took necessary security, noting: "The dark air at time of accident was lifted by tow truck belonging to Emrah serif Started. It turns out re's a half-full whiskey bottle under car loading into tow truck. The guy who loaded tow truck took bottle. This person showed us bottle, ' I found this bottle, I'm throwing ' it, he said. He left bottle where he was. Meanwhile, re were police teams around us, but I didn't see savior showing bottle to cops. " The workers working on highways also said y saw whiskey bottle underneath when black coloured vehicle was loaded into tow truck. A worker who testified as a witness, "with help of attractive black-coloured vehicle crane, a bottle of whiskey appeared under black car while loading savior. I didn't see bottle fall from vehicle. He picked up tow truck from where he found it, and we used highways to leave it to his employees after showing ' I found a bottle '. On or hand, traffic accident, 112 emergency service teams in town of bagged coffeehouse reported that a person who made tea. The Ihbarci, which was accessed from phone records, testified to gendarmerie that he reported to 112 when he saw accident, when he went near vehicle, that person with long hair was next to black vehicle, or one from upper part of vehicle He went to car, told him he couldn't understand who drove car.

what happened? Izmir-Aydın Motorway on 22 September 34 NT 5005 plate car used by Emrah Serif, near Torbali Junction (59) Administration of 34 TV 9335 plate with vehicle hit from behind, driver Ozcelik 16-year-old daughter Zeynep Ozcelik accident In his place, his wife Nilgün Ozcelik died 12 days after incident in hospital where he was treated. After accident, 34 NT 5005 plate car itself was used to say that Kenan was arrested after being detained. Emrah Serbes, bagged Republic prosecutor's Office to determine correct safety belt trail and Highways 2. Regional Directorate to determine average speed of vehicles, hours of entry to bookies and security camera images to identify who drivers, car itself uses court on September 28, saying He was arrested after he surrendered. In examination of Izmir Forensic Medicine Institution, samples of mouth of beer box under driver's seat were consistent with DNA profile of Emrah Serbes.


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