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30 years of trees left in the building

Artisan, who wants to enlarge the restaurant in the district of Denizli, has rearranged the pine trees that he planted 30 years ago and was unable to cut off in the building. Erol is a citizen, ' I live with the love of the tree inside me. I left it in the restaurant without cutting the trees, ' he said.

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30 years of trees left in the building

The restaurant operator Erol Erzi in district of Acıpayam left pine trees that he planted 30 years ago and did not want to cut to expand his workplace, in annex section of restaurant where he built it.

The 67-year-old Erzi, who was a restaurant operator on lower district of Adnan Menderes Boulevard, planted pine trees 30 years ago in garden of workplace. In past time, Erzi, who decided to do an additional part of work, built annex to take tree into 5 pine trees when he was unable to cut wood he planted.

Erzi, in a statement to journalists, said that his far had infused tree love to m, so he loved trees.

"I sewed it 30 years ago, I thought a lot about what to do"

When he wanted to enlarge his work, he said he had a lot to do with pine trees he planted 30 years ago, and Erzi noted that he had finally renovated trees to remain in building in its natural form.


"I left it in restaurant without cutting trees."

"I live with love of tree in me," Erzi said, showing intense interest in trees passing through customers ' shop and taking souvenir photos. I left it in restaurant without cutting trees. Citizens have great interest. He's thanking me every coming. Water flows through trees in rain. I'm changing wood base, but I'm not cutting trees. Cutting trees is a sin. I'm trying to protect m, "he said.

Erzi added that body was amazed by those who saw tree that remained inside restaurant but were appreciated for not cutting trees.

The restaurant's customers, Avni Tan (49), said y were happy to see trees in workplace, expressing ir eating in a natural environment.


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