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5 people in the Fedö/Pdy case in Aydin

Aydin 3. Five defendants who were judged separately in the severe criminal court were sentenced to prison sentences.

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5 people in the Fedö/Pdy case in Aydin

5 defendants who were tried for membership of fatwa terrorist organization/Parallel state structuring (Fedö/Pdy) were sentenced to imprisonment in different periods.

Aydin 3. The court's decision on 5 defendants, who were judged separately for crime of membership of fatwa/Pdy in heavy criminal court, announced.

Determined that organization works in closed institutions and after instruction of organization of leader Fethullah Gulen, Bank of Asia by pulling a loan from anor bank, determined that Üseyin grape 7 years 6 months, name of organization of private imams passed list The prisoner accused Faruk Gedik was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Former police commissioner Abdülkadir Korkmaz, who was charged with crime of being a member of organization and expelled from profession, 9 years, his wife Esin Korkmaz 7 years 6 months, organization's encrypted communication program Bylock was determined to use Adnan Menderes University Dental He was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in prison for Dental Medicine in Faculty of Medicine.



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