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571 thousand lira penalty for motorcycles in one day

In 81 cities for motorcycle drivers, over 53 thousand motorcycles were checked. In practice, 978 people were banned from the administrative fines of 571 thousand 535 lira, 3 thousand 500 motorcycles were barred from the traffic.

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571 thousand lira penalty for motorcycles in one day
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The safety and gendarmerie units were banned from traffic for motorcycles across country, with unlicensed and unregistered 3,000 405 motorcycles. According to General Directorate of Safety (EGM), Directorate of Public Safety, traffic enforcement and supervision of Department of Security Directorate of EGM, Coordination of provincial police departments and gendarmerie General command by teams of general public In order to provide public order, application was called "last Speed" in 81 provinces simultaneously. The people sought by stolen and sought-after motorcycles have participated in application, which is inspected by traffic compliance of motorcycles and wher drivers are violating rules, and 25 thousand 247 police and gendarmerie personnel, consisting of 6,000 873 teams, were attended by 4,000 315 points. Controls 52 thousand 809 motorcycles were checked. The 367 ' sine of se stolen and sought-after records were confiscated, unlicensed and without registration, 3,000 405 motorcycles were banned from traffic, 7 thousand 864 motorcycles also 5 million 50 thousand 311 lira administrative fines were interrupted. Furrmore, 978 people were awarded 571 thousand 535 lira administrative fines, 383 persons with a search record were captured, and 331 was applied to judicial process. In search, five pistols, two Kurusiki pistols, three shotguns, 35 rounds, 5 grams of narcotics, 5 drug pills, 190 packets of contraband cigarettes and 5 kilograms of smuggled tobacco were seized. Total Balance Sheet In last three applications, including two separate inspections for motorcycles in July, a total of 171 thousand 570 motorcycles were seized and stolen and searched 952 motorcycle, 15 thousand 215 unlicensed and without license-free motorcycle Traffic men Was awarded an administrative fine of 17 million 492 thousand 452 lira, about 22 thousand 854 motorcycles. Also, 2 thousand 932 people 1 million 952 thousand 468 lira administrative fines were interrupted, a search record of a thousand 21 persons were caught, 818 person about judicial process was applied. In three separate applications, 11 pistols, three Kurusiki pistols, 5 shotguns, 198 rounds, two cutter and piercing tools, 53 grams of drug substance, 18 thousand 185 drug pills, 190 packets of contraband cigarettes and 30 kilograms of smuggled tobacco were seized.


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