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A new bus line between San Blas-Canillejas and the Hospital Ramón and Cajal

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A new bus line between San Blas-Canillejas and the Hospital Ramón and Cajal

This Tuesday, in addition to have been put in place improvements in Vicálvaro and five or lines of Madrid

The residents of San Blas-Canillejas will be able to arrive at Hospital Ramon y Cajal in 15 minutes after implementation of Regional Transport Consortium of a new "express" bus between San Blas-Canillejas and hospital.

The service was presented this Tuesday from your stop-out, that coincides with 5714 line 101, next to Metro station Canillejas. In act have been present mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena; minister of Transport, Pedro Rollán; delegate of Environment and Mobility, Inés Sabanés; councillor chair of San Blas, Marta Gomez Lahoz; manager of EMT, Álvaro Fernández Heredia; and Consortium's manager, Alfonso Sanchez.

The new Special Service 'Alsace-Hospital Ramon y Cajal' connects district of San Blas-Canillejas with your hospital centre of reference and route supposed for users " save time in this journey."

The new route will operate Monday to Friday between 6.45 pm and 19.45 hours -first and last departures, respectively, from header of Alsace - and between 7.30 hours and 20.30 hours - first and last departures, respectively, from Hospital Ramón and Cajal-. This special service is not be available on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

The new line runs from bus stop Canillejas by expressways, high-capacity, as M-40 without stopping, which gives it a "semi-express". The journey from intermodal of Alsace up to medical center account with 10 stops step.

continuity of service, as explained by Community of Madrid, will be subject to a few parameters of occupation, previously agreed between Transport Consortium, City of Madrid and EMT. "The occupancy ratios will determine efficiency and utility of line", has had an impact.

A project fruit of collaboration

During presentation of line, Carmena has stressed that this is a project "in that y are all", in reference to participation of Community of Madrid, and has stated that release of line means that "things can improve" and that "even though y are small y are critical."

For its part, Rollán has also highlighted collaboration between city Council and Community and has ensured that new line "will mark a before and an after".

In turn, has reminded that already has been this year 78 joint actions with Municipality of Madrid and has claimed effort of Community in ir investments in public transport, that have gone from 747 million in 2015 to 980 million in 2017.

Sabanés has taken advantage of ir intervention to compliment direct connection, "which will allow elderly to get to ir hospital of reference," and has stated that collaboration between authorities will "allow public transport has a fundamental role among society and that wards are cared for in ir needs."

he has Also spoken during presentation council member president of District, which has been expressed that line was a "claim to neighborhood" historical and has urged citizens to speak with city Council and will convey ir requests and complaints.

Improvements in Vicálvaro and more service on five lines

In district of Vicálvaro, city Council has announced that y have extended itineraries of routes, express E3 and E4 "to offer a quick connection of neighborhoods Valderrivas and Valdebernardo with area intermodal Felipe IIa through platform reserved O'donnell.

also, line E3 (Felipe II-Puerta de Arganda) expands its tour, from your current header in heat exchanger of Puerta de Arganda, to neighborhood of Valderrivas through Gran via in south East and calle Minerva, where it will establish its new terminal. This line will have 14 buses at rush hour, according to advance city Hall.

For its part, express E4 (Felipe II-Pavones) continues its tour to district of Valdebernardo, through calle Hacienda de Pavones and Bulevar José Prat.

in Addition, from this Tuesday, line 138, which until now was linked Aluche and Plaza of Spain, has expanded his itinerary for Princess street until his new head of plaza of Christ King, in front of San Carlos Clinical. The line has a total of 10 buses in peak hours.

in Parallel, also on Tuesday, comes into force a new schedule for lines 11 (Marqués de Viana-Barrio Blanco), 103 (Station The Well-Ecobulevar), 118 (Ambassadors-The Peseta), 125 (Sea of Glass-Ramón y Cajal) and 132 (Moncloa-Peace) in virtue of which it increases allocation of buses on se routes to reduce ir respective intervals of step.

Two retired Canillejas collected 6.000 signatures to implement bus

Felipe Gómez and José Díez, a retired couple from neighborhood of Canillejas that were present during act have been explained to Europa Press that bus has finished implementing after that managed to gar 6,000 signatures among neighbors.

Felipe and José began to collect signatures because area lacked public transport services direct to arrive at Hospital Ramón y Cajal, its center of reference, without using metro, access to which is complicated for older people.

Philip has stated that he hopes that new service is reduced by at least 50 percent time it takes for greatest of neighborhood in getting her to hospital. "In time, and in economy also because before I was on metro, but not all people can go on subway. There is a saving on everything", has had an effect.



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