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A new century will be shaped

"Turkey must move within the Union," President Erdogan said, noting that significant developments in the region are crucial to shaping the future Asri. If we split up, we split up, we fall apart. The cycle is neither the origin nor the flock nor the congregation nor the age of making the faction account. We're going through a period where we need to stop like concrete and steel, "he said.

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A new century will be shaped

AK party leader and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his party's group meeting, continued to react to informal referendum in Iraq. Erdogan, who called for return of vice President Massoud Barzani, said in a nutshell:

There are developments in region that will shape critical, future Asri. Turkey is in center of se developments. There have been countless attempts to destroy us in this geography for millennia. As you can see, we are still standing upright as state and nation, and we are still most important force in region. Those who threaten us, those who have been shrouded in us, especially those who have had opportunity to dagger from our backs knowing periods of crisis, and none of shields will be read in this land.

New Dagger Stud Initiative


We have no intention of threatening anyone. We fulfill our mission of warning with all sincerity. This is kind of approach a friend will show to anor friend. The referendum crisis in norrn Iraq is a new dagger-stub attempt in bosom of region. It's not about Kurds ' rights. On contrary, it is a matter of not falling into game of those who want to push Kurds, Turkmens, or groups and surrounding countries in a fight, conflict, and process of reckoning. We cannot allow this pit to be excavated by us through ethnic Resentities and Meshebi animosity, feeding his fever with hatred and hatred.


We'll throw furr steps

Of course, we tried to end every way to solve crisis in our region by Suhulle, mind, compromise, we try. We will never compromise cold, which is required by state. For now, we are only satisfied with embargo in certain areas. This will undoubtedly continue, if y do not come to m. We don't hesitate to take much furr steps than developments.

Barzani is head of your mind

The norrn Iraqi administration, which destroys a very good relationship with its own hands, is not satisfied with it, and extends its tongues to threaten Turkey, should immediately be in your head. We sevenus. We respect our respect, but we do what we do when it's orwise. We're wondering how those who betrayed law of living toger today can return tomorrow and steal this door again.


I would like to say once again that we are ready to hold every hand that extends before this door closes completely. No incidents in Syria and Iraq are independent of us, or even directly related to our internal affairs.

  • Citizen Pillow Six urges
  • President Erdogan, calling citizens about savings assessed under pillow, " gold under pillow or our arm does not give us anything. The pillow is particularly convinced that our products will allow us to gain our economy, so I think. I also believe that gold owners will bring a lot of things at point of evaluation. I invite our citizens to assess gold under pillow and to contribute to growth and development of our country, "he said. Erdogan, referring to tax increases discussed in public, "do not increase tax gains? Of course it is, but on one condition. By calculating resulting burden correctly, we can do that, of course, to explain it from beginning to nation, to convince people where to use source of sacrifice that is being achieved. Orwise, re is no place in economic policies as it is in all subjects of ' I did ' conception, "he said.

Change will last until election

Erdogan, after group meeting of party "Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek asked to resign" on question of allegations, "Partimlet, any unit; The mayors of our party, provincial presidents, etc... There are such developments in this process. But right now, re's nothing like it in front of us. But that doesn't mean it won't happen. Because transformation of a change, we live to election, and I say that metal fatigue is a subject that covers all of this. At this point, a much more alive, dynamic, strong structure, hopefully, will be prepared for elections, "he said. "In north of Iraq, military operations can be done," Erdogan said, "I always say, one night we can come in a sudden" statement.

  • Interest causes many plagues
  • President Erdogan, " decline in interest, I'm clear, still not at point we want. If we don't get fall on interest, if we fail, you will know that many plagues await us. Wher investor can invest in a country where market interest is 20 percent, employment may increase, and not increase. Then we'll face curse. We can't step forward with interest-rate approaches, and if we step in with m, we'll just neglect m. I always say, I bet. Look, we're still not getting fall in inflation. Why? Due to high interest, "he said. "We hoped that asset fund would be catalyst for investments we need indoors and outdoors," Erdogan told asset fund. However, it is also a fact that Fund is not yet capable of such a capacity. I believe that we will be most important support element of investments we will need to grow asset fund as soon as possible by surpassing this problem, "he said.

If we split up, we're gone.

When Turkey entered splash process, stressing that Pranga was tried to hit his foot, Erdogan pointed out that Turkey's need to move toger and in a draw. Erdogan, "If we split up, we disperse, we fall apart. The cycle is neir origin nor community nor congregation nor Society nor faction of factions. We're going through a period where we need to stop like concrete and steel. If re is any discomfort from being a citizen of this state, living in shadow of this flag, we will change ir minds. If heart is slipping, heartbeats, and or Mecra, we will win and make ir peace, "he said. "We can no longer be a single bror to be lost to our terrorist organisations, dividers, fitnors, manipulative. But if it's not hesabi, it's not a problem. Now we're going to have whole 80 million in tight. We will ensure that this day and future of each citizen is only in this land, with awareness of its country, "he said.


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