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‘AHS: Cult’, nightmare after the election of Donald Trump

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‘AHS: Cult’, nightmare after the election of Donald Trump

The new season of series producer and writer Ryan Murphy discusses cult of personality

Many people will feel cheated after to get hooked on watching seventh season of American Horror Story. It will not be for lack of blood, violence, or satire. The new story out of mind of Ryan Murphy is just as terrifying and even more american than ors. But if progress and comments on networks point to a frontal attack to last nightmare american, as you can see Hollywood, president, Donald Trump, producer and screenwriter take a jug of cold water. “American Horror Story: Cult speaks of a cult of personality, not of Trump,” said its creator during a preview screening of series held in Los Angeles. Don't want to bust anyone's series, which kicked off last Friday at Fox— but don't want to raise false expectations. “The public has wrong idea because y know my political opinion,” said Murphy, who in past received as a guest in his house on two occasions, previous president of united States, Barack Obama.

however, season kicks off on night of us elections, with victory of Donald Trump. “As you can imagine, re was that change a lot of things to this boot,” he said to THE COUNTRY, recalling unexpected victory of tycoon. Centered in Michigan, a crucial state in election, AHS: Cult shows love for Cheetos of protagonist (Evan Peters) tizna with m face of orange, recalling nickname of “ face of Cheeto” with which so many refer to current president. “This year policy has become best pastime of our country,” added author.

The genesis of AHS: Cult dates from years ago, of desire season after season to do something about Manson family. But never entered a narrative new, that convinced him, to a story told a thousand times. That is, until now, with Cult, where Manson is one of eight papers that interprets Evans, leaders of some kind of sect is as real as David Koresh, Jim Jones or even Andy Warhol, or fiction such as role of Kai Anderson. “You are true idiots, but for some reason connect at a given time with disenchantment and feed on divisions,” he described a plot that, despite dose of horror that contains, for first time in history of this series did not take hand of supernatural elements. Even in aestic aspect is season more realistic, without saturated colors that characterize AHS, and without use of “grand guignol” that is usually seen riding Murphy face to gallery. “It is my favorite season,” he acknowledged those who until now decantaba for AHS: Asylum.

yes, re is no lack of satirical humour that Murphy has gotten used to his public. “It is part of popular culture in which we move. And even delve a little bit more and be more uncomfortable than ors we can not forget mood”, he insisted. If, despite your clarification, Trump is given by offended and dedicated to him one of his famous tweets, do you plan to respond to president? “I hope that you have better things to do,” he said with all seriousness. “But will not answer it because my work speaks for itself”, he added.

The family Murphy

The pride that you note in voice of Ryan Murphy when he says that in Cult actor Evan Peters makes his best work to date is only comparable to that of a far. “I feel as if y were family, as if I had created my own company”, describes author of your deal. The roles are different but actors are usually same. Sometimes you lose by way, as Jessica Lange or Kathy Bates. “But surely become”, advances showrunner. Ors do so out of favor, as Emma Roberts returning as reporter Serine Belinda. “I told him I could do whatever I wanted and we had joked that he had to play a television journalist,” he recalls. Also are Sarah Paulson and Alison Pill and Billie Lourd (daughter of Carrie Fisher). And becomes Twisty (John Carroll Lynch), a part of that family of monsters that are Bloody Face, Rubber Man or Piggy Man, but this time with target universe of toys and comic books. The novelty is Lena Dunham, central character in seventh episode, where he plays Valerie Solanas, woman who tried to kill Andy Warhol.


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