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AK Party spokesman Unal Statement on allegations of resignation

Last minute news-AK party spokesman Mahir Ünal, evaluated the developments in the mayors. Unal, here is the confusion of the heads...

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AK Party spokesman Unal Statement on allegations of resignation
AK Party spokesman Ünal Statement on resignation of announcement entry date: 4.10.2017 11:51 AK Party spokesman Mahir Unal, developments in mayors . Unal, "There is no situation where heads are confused. This dezformation is seriously boring everyone. We share everything we want to do as AK party with public in a clear language. Said.

Ak party spokesman Mahir Ünal, who participated in live broadcast on Haberturk television, made following statements:

Turkey is struggling with an intelligence that does not see how terror massacred civilians re, as well as a warrior who struggles to fight freedom in international public. The struggle of terror organization has tried to devour us like a political struggle. Today, AK party is conducting a fight with all national and domestic elements in Turkey. In this top view of each political party, Turkey's unity, we need to come toger in awareness of togerness. This was president's speech yesterday. "We don't have a single citizen to lose to our terror organizations," said Mr. President.

Allegations of resignation at AK party

There's no need for confusion here. This dezformation is seriously boring everyone. We share everything we want to do as AK party with public in a clear language. With return of our president to politics, president said; 1. We will re-evaluate our agencies. 2. We'll review our municipalities. 3. "Prepare your 180 daily action plan for Government, bring it to us. Share with us what you will do "he said. It's not easy to get 50% 1. In this context, we have made serious changes to our agencies so far. Our last four provincial presidents have changed. We shared this with public.

We said, "share your own performances with us," local authorities in our municipality, mayor himself, demanded by our mayors. From ir debts, needs and demands to pre-election promises, how much of se have been realized, and y have not been regularly shared with presidency of local governments. We don't want any trouble. We can never tolerate failure. We are also interviewing our mayors with assessments we make in this context. Kilicdaroglu, "resigned or corrupt or bylockçıği" says.

' So far re is no request for resignation '

The ballot should go with ballot, yes, that's what we're most struggling with. It is not consultative of 2 people when deciding on a necessarily relevant decision. He is consulted with deputies of province, county, provincial mayors. The provincial president, our deputies, our agencies, women, all of our youth arms work with a number of logic. If a problem arises from this provincial president, we will call our provincial president. "There are some setbacks, you don't fit in here, we'll consider you elsewhere." We call provincial President; Thank you.

Our assessments on our mayors continue according to criteria. So far, re has been no question of wanting to resign from any mayor of our headquarters. But just as our president said, it doesn't mean it won't happen anymore.

If re is any improvement, we will share it with public directly. By end of this year we are planning to complete our work and share it with public. Rar than attracting usual Congress process, we have very big problems in front of Turkey as soon as we finish se issues.

The AK party has not occupied Turkey with its own internal affairs until now. With return of our general president, we want to quickly complete se changes within ourselves. There's a lot of problems to overcome.

' Our agenda is not in question early elections '

There is no such thing as an early election on our agenda at moment. It is a great injustice to engage Turkey in such an environment with an early selection.

It was our first recommendation that Kurds in Syria were considered citizens and recognized as citizens. This lies under relationship we have established with norrn Iraq. The PKK's attacks on our Kurdish citizens have been biggest obstacle to gaining ir rights. We're an imperial bankroll. Until yesterday, se cities, identities were all Ottoman citizens.

We're saying it's not time. The countries in region have a clear attitude. If you hand it over again, we'll give you our hands on it. Come on, let's give it up while we're near road.

MTV Hike

We're not expecting a discount on hike. I can only say that. A re-evaluation of described ratio and re-classification of it and introduction of a reasonable framework is spoken. Of course we're going to build our air defense system, keep it from missile system in terms of our country's security, and we're producing our own tanks. We're going to weigh defense industry. "The revenue of this place will be fully transferred to defence industry," said Minister of Finance. When or sources are created, we'll pull down projected figure from MTV. When you create new resources, we will look at it, resources that are thought to come from re are to be revised.


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