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All details of the new test system Yks

New examination system was announced at the university entrance. Instead of Ygs-LYS, the higher education institutions exam was brought. According to the new test system to be applied from this year onwards, candidates receiving at least 150 points will be able to choose the field programmes. 180 points and above will be sufficient for the license preference. More than 200 points, they will be able to use these points for the next year. Here are the details of Yks...

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All details of the new test system Yks

Chairman of Yök Prof. Dr. Yekta Saraçi announced drastic changes to university entrance exams where millions of people eagerly awaited. The new name of entrance examination of higher education is ' higher education institutions exam ', referring to Saray-LYS examination System, "This system of four-month examination system was adversely affecting high school life of our students. We have developed this system to construct a better system, "he said.

Here's new system-full text of description of Yeta Saraç

15 minutes Stretch

The Saraç exam time and 15-minute application that led to some problems last year, " procedure and principles of this examination is not a matter of implementation. We have also invested in this issue with our president of SSPC. I suppose last year's troubles won't happen this year. We need a balance between safety concerns and examination comfort, "he said. The details of new test system are as follows:

Advertise 3 sessions in 2 days

The new test system Yks will be held on a weekend in June, Saturday and Sunday in 3 sessions in 2 days.

TYT for associate degree and open education

The first session on Saturday will be basic proficiency Test (TYT). 40 Turkish, 40 mamatics total 80 The examination of question will be test of Turkish and score weight of math test is evenly distributed, and outcome of both tests would be 50 percent effective. This examination will determine entry threshold points for higher education in order to be preferred by associate degree and undergraduate programs.

Dam score 150

In order for candidates to choose an associate degree program, TYT barrage score will have to be at least 150. Students who do not stage dam will not be placed in college. Candidates with TYT score 180 and above will be eligible to choose ir undergraduate programs. Students with TYT score 200 and above will be valid for next year if he wants.

Advertising for second session license sections

Saturday afternoon, 2. The session will include 4 tests including Turkish language and literature-Geography 1, social sciences, mamatics and Science Sciences. Each test will consist of 40 questions. The questions will be based on curriculum, as in past years.

10 higher education institutions exam in title.

Points based on selected type

The test scores in second session will be determined by type of score chosen by candidate. For;

  • Verbal Puanda; The weight of Turkish language and literature-geography-1 test is 50 percent, weight of social sciences test is 50 percent,
  • Numerical points; The weight of math test is 50 percent, weight of science test is 50 percent,
  • Equal weight Puanda; The weight of Turkish language and literature-geography-1 test is 50 percent, and weight of math test will be calculated as 50 percent.
  • Those who can't pass TYT will not settle

    Students who do not pass dam from basic proficiency test in first session will not be placed in university even if second session receives high scores. Also, second session will not be used for second time.

    Advertising ends with Sunday's language exam

    On Sunday, 3. Foreign language questions will be included in session. The exam will consist of 80 questions and entrance exams of university are finished.

    Play 01:04 changes to university entry system announced that president of Higher education institution, Yeyeta Saraçı, explains changes in university entrance system where millions of people eagerly await Nickname. Higher education institution President Yeyeta Saraçı, 2018-2019 Education year entrance exam in new name of ' Higher education institutions exam ' announced. The exam to be held in two sessions will be completed at end of a week in June, noting that questions will be based solely on curriculum of Ministry of National Education. Comment

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    Agenda of new examination system for millions of students is announced

    How many questions will be in agenda higher education institutions exam?

    • How was system removed?
    • The changed system entered universities with an average of scores received from two exams. This is Ygs March, and latter were made in June.
    • 160 questions were directed to candidates from 4 separate tests in Ygs. 12.5 percent of success, namely, 20 clear first dam of YGS passed through pre-undergraduate programs could choose.
    • The 180 points and fields were gaining right to enter LYS. In a total of 2 weeks, each candidate was completed at least 2 exams in LYS, consisting of 5 stages. Exceeding 180 points threshold was gaining right to choose.
    • In Ygs 6, LYS has a type of 12 points. The candidates were preferred by type of total 18 points.


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