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And there are steps to be taken by the more aggravated &quo;

President Erdogan, Iran 'd a met with his counterpart, spiritual. Speaking at a press conference after the interview, Erdogan reminded me of the steps against Ikby ' and there are steps to be taken to weigh more, &quo; he said. The spiritual decision was made to make trade relations with the national currency.

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And there are steps to be taken by the more aggravated &quo;

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is in Iran for official contacts, met with Iranian president of spiritual.

The two leaders held a statement at a press conference after meeting.

Spiritual: Iran and Turkey are two Muslims, axis of stability in region as friendly countries. Once again, I would like to emphasize that in recent days relations of two countries are evolving in all areas. In our meeting today, we have made important decisions to bring furr economic relations of two countries. The development of banking relations and transactions were decided to be made in national currency. The customs doors will work 24 hours. To facilitate development and facilitation of investor relations, Turkish investors will be provided with necessary support. Turkey is ready to buy more gas and oil on oil and gas. The Iranian side also asked Turkish to invest in it. Turkey is ready for this. The two countries have been prepared to negotiate problems of tourism. The two sides want to reach trading volume of 30 billion dollars annually.

Taking into consideration delicate issues in our region, we have assessments about Iraq and Syria. Our main goal is to dominate peace and stability in region. In order to ensure peace environment in Syria between Iran, Turkey and Russia, three cooperation efforts are needed. Ethnic and sectarian discrimination are plans of some foreigners. That's how y try to isolate area. Neir country agrees. The territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria is purpose of both countries. The people of Iraqi Kurdistan are our valued brors. We don't want to be pressured. But some people here have made wrong decisions, y have to make up for it. We have made initiatives in Turkey, Iran, Iraq. The fight against terrorism is purpose of both countries. In two countries, no matter what his name is, he will fight. Terrorism should know that y will not allow ir brutal behaviour in region.

Erdogan: We are in Tehran with invitation of my beloved bror, spiritual. I'd like to express my gratitude to landlord. I would like to congratulate elected President of elected spirit again with high participation of Iranian people, and wish him and his delegation success. Today we have made efficient negotiations involving political, military, economic, cultural and commercial issues. On this occasion, our ministers carried out ir own bilateral negotiations. The institutions have interviewed each or in same way. The increase in recent high-end visits between Turkey and Iran will bring our relations to a different and positive level. There were 30 billion dollars of trade volume targets we set up years ago, but he was stuck in 10 billion bucks. At 4th High Level Strategic Council, 30 billion-dollar goal was main determinant of our agenda. We have encouraged our friends to work intensively against tourism, defence industry, road transport. We have decided to bring a vitality to financial sector with cooperation between our central banks and banks mselves. In order to save our economic relations from current currency pressure, we decided to trade with national currency. Our central banks will meet next week and sign deal.

At same time, our banks will have to open branches in Iran. We have revealed our determination to intensify our cooperation in energy sector. For him, cooperation of our energy ministers is important. The cooperation of our cultural tourism ministers is also important. We would like to share our experience with Iran in this topic. I believe in Iran, which has a serious history at point of civilizations, thousands of thousands of people from our country will come to visit. Our flights to Iran as Turkish Airlines are now a sign of this. We encourage investors in tourism sector to invest in Iran.

Of course, regional problems are on our agenda right now. In particular, Iraqi problem, which we are currently working in form of triple mechanisms, has been raised as next first ingredient. We have stated that we do not recognise illegitimate referendum of norrn Iraqi regional administration. 350 km north of Turkey, east of Iran, south of central administration, west of Syria... What is referendum on norrn Iraqi regional government? There is no country in world who knows him but Israel. The decision taken with Mossad cannot be legitimate.

I believe that you take a certain kind of a known part and take anor known part of it to or, and this kind of step will condemn norrn Iraqi local government to solitude. In Iran and Turkey, our determination is evident in this issue. Our business partner in Iraq is central administration, and this referendum is strictly informal.

We have steps to take, and n re are steps to be taken more slowly. Likewise, re are three mechanisms in Syria. We operate Astana process in Iran, Russia, Turkey. And here, we really care about conflict zone. Here, three mechanisms of terror will lead to survival of oppressed and victims, particularly deaş. Our struggle for survival of oppressed and victims of whole world is an important matter to us. In this process, our respective ministers, our armed forces, our intelligence organisations are doing all kinds of work in region. I wish that Joint Economic Commission meeting on 24th-25th of this month will be on occasion. "


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