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Atletico is going to Rome with the hands (almost) empty

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Atletico is going to Rome with the hands (almost) empty

The set of Simeone, far superior to its rival, fails in front of goal and just adds a point

Griezmann was absent and Saul met with stick two times

re Will come a party, any day, in which Atletico Madrid will not have half of occasions in Rome. Woe unto half! Or one-third. And win match. However, in Olympic experienced one of those days unexplained. Or maybe not so unexplainable. Between indolence (Vietto), precipitation (Carrasco) or bad luck (Saul two times), case is that great party dispatched by team atletico in his debut in Champions league will be left with just a point. And you know very little. To very little. Atletico, this time of yellow, were immensely superior to Roma, a club with a lot more name that team in that Monchi is a lot of work. Especially good was start of second part of visitors, avasalladores, bursting into area again and again until making of Alisson, goalkeeper of Rome, best player in game. And that, that is a good match of Atletico, without best version of any of your men. Neir of Griezmann. [Narration and statistics: 0-0]

There are ories according to which a football match where re are no goals cannot be entertained. And even if you're not very far from truth, suddenly emerge such exceptions as Olympic. Atletico shot on goal four times in first 15 minutes, some of m with a lot of bad milk (Saul's nothing more you start to stick). Then woke up Rome on back of Nainggolan and Defrel. Belgian and French measured gloves of Oblak with result of always: a goalkeeper proud. The minute of gold of that relay that was first time he was 32. A shoe far Nainggolan caught goalkeeper of Atletico as he could, which was very good, and a few seconds after Koke it terminated almost in small area, a backlash. Manolas pulled out in same stripe, and rebound fell back to Koke, who got in touch with Griezmann. Water.

None of two actions ended in a goal, but upheaval was huge and re at end of match was pure nerve. In team of Di Francesco re are players in twilight (Kolarov, Perotti, Dzeko), but treats ball well and that allows you to look at some point to a collective higher as it is Athletic, where Vietto starred in almost everything. Wrong (committed a penalty not whistled for carrying hand loose), and least bad, because argentine, who does not lack quality, it is maddening. Unable to win a ball divided, to hold back a ball received, few shots he attempted came as a balloon in hands of Alisson. Despite this, Vietto was choice of Simeone, same as leave out to Carrasco for cementing center of field with Thomas and Gabi, playing Saul on right.

The release Strap and Carrasco

don't shy away from possession of athletes, who did not need direct game is almost always trying to take advantage of mismatches romans, who were not few to that Di Franceso, seeing that he was coming over, and chose to put in a defense of five. That was after appearance intimidating team of Cholo after break. A hand-to-hand Vietto, a shot off of Thomas, and changes: out Vietto and Gabi, inside Strap and Carrasco.

The review of visitors in those first 20 minutes of second act proved overwhelming, an exercise difficult to see in this type of game. Correa emerged as it has started year. Electric and brash, had a punterazo that pulled out as was goalkeeper. That was when Italian coach removed from field to Defrel to put Fazio and shelter from rain that fell over.

True that in last quarter of an hour y lowered decibels of athletes, who even had more clear in added. Saul finished off of head a corner, stopped -how - Alisson and reject, in boots of own Saul, with whole goal to him, he ended up on pole to despair of Atletico, with more football than goals. And that points.


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