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Austria refuses to hand over to the oligarch Ukrainian Firtash accused of laundering money for the Russian mafia in Spain

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Austria refuses to hand over to the oligarch Ukrainian Firtash accused of laundering money for the Russian mafia in Spain

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Austria just communicated to Spanish authorities opposed delivery of oligarch Ukrainian Dmitry Firtash, who is accused of launder funds for Russian mafia in our country. The District Court for Criminal of Vienna has issued a recent resolution, to which he has had access to THE WORLD, in which he argues that european arrest warrants against Firtash "are not sufficiently concrete". That is to say, that, in its opinion, has not been clarified properly " criminal content, facts and places in which y were committed". The Prosecutor's office in austria has appealed that decision.

The anti-Corruption Office considered that Firtash is part of criminal organization of Russian origin named Solomonskaya. Precise Public Ministry that "as in all criminal organizations of this nature shows existence of several levels of both organic and functional". And stood at "first level" to "Semion Mogilevich" who explains that it is "one of ten most sought-after internationally by FBI, considered as one of main bosses of organized crime from Eastern countries to global level".

In "second level", added anti-Corruption, you would find Firtash, "under instructions and protection of Mr. Mogilevich" which is "considered as face of legal Mogilevich". Not in vain, "ir businesses are used by organization to enter legal market benefits from ir criminal activities". The defense of Firtash assumed several months ago firm's madrid Business and Law.

Already in a "third level" would be a number of lieutenants, including Hares Youssef as "current maintainer of a large and complex business network that involved his son Maksym Youssef" being "both in service of Mr. Firtash and his structure of money laundering". According to researchers engaged in "exploitation and trade of copper and metallurgy".

anti-Corruption has been discovered that this criminal organization is "acting in Spanish territory", specifically in " areas of Catalonia and Malaga, which is home to several of its members whose job it is to bring out money from criminal organization for money laundering".



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