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Balzan prize, prizes for discoveries on collective memory, therapy, anti-cancer

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Balzan prize, prizes for discoveries on collective memory, therapy, anti-cancer
ROME - Aleida and Jan Assmann for study of collective memory, Bina Agarwal for gender studies, James P. Allison and Robert D. Schreiber for immunologic approaches in treatment of cancer and Michaël Gillon for planetary solar system and exoplanets. They are winners of Balzan Prize in 2017, dedicated to memory of Corriere della Sera journalist Eugenio Balzan. No Italian, so, among winners. Among winners of last year Piero Boitani and Federico Capasso. Each of m will receiveà prix, 17th of November, in Bern, 750mila swiss francs (660 thousand euro): metà, as a practice, will haveà be destined by winners to research projects. rationale. The winners have been announced in Milan by chairman of general Prize Committee of Balzan Foundation, Salvatore Veca, with president of Balzan Foundation “Prize”, Enrico Decleva, in Sala Buzzati of Fondazione Corriere della Sera. Aleida and Jan Assmann, of Università of Constance and Heidelberg, had merit “for common elaboration of concept of 'cultural memory' and related clarifications of definitors as a paradigm in ’scope of cultural studies, but also in public debates; for fruitful interchange decades on reality and historical models, very different between m, that are, happily, complementary; for l’opera omnia, individual of both, that with più wide-ranging, presents collective memory as a premise for creation of identityà and collettività religion and politics”. All'indian Bina Agarwal, dell'Università Manchester, prize has been awarded “to have questioned foundations of traditional dell's economy and of social sciences through an innovative gender perspective; to have increased visibilityà l' empowerment of women in rural areas in South of world; to have opened up new avenues of intellectuals, and policies in crucial areas of gender and development”.    “The professors Schreiber and Allison (respectively Washington University st Louis and at University of Texas) were architects of a paradigm shift in field of'immunology tumor. The first - he explains -, for having shown that immune system plays a fundamental role in fight against cancer, and having introduced concept of immunoediting and escape immune (immune-escape). The second, for having revealed molecular basis of this escape, and be able to lock it through a rapy with monoclonal antibodies, increasing for first time, survival in patients with metastatic melanoma. Both have recently worked with or scientists all'identification of neoantigeni-tumor-specific, an approach that could lead to development of effective vaccines, anticancer custom”.       Michaël Gillon, dell'Università of Liege, he won thanks to discoveries related to planetary solar system, and exoplanets "for his innovative work and profitable way to search for planets around nearby stars, a milestone in journey towards discovery of signs of life outside of our solar system”.           Robert O. Keohane, Woodrow Wilson School - Princeton University, Balzan prize for international relations not assigned in 2016 “for his fundamental contributions to’approach is institutionalist in field of international relations; for rigour of his tireless research and for decisive and continuing influence of his teaching”.   All’s meeting, held at Fondazione Corriere della Sera, with patronage of Municipality of Milan, was followed by a lecture of Federico Capasso, Balzan Prize 2016 for photonics and applied, called The new horizons of photonics: metaottica.Eugenio Balzan. The international Foundation Balzan Prize has been established in 1956 and works between Milan and Zurich. Eugenio Balzan è was editor, capocronista and sent Courier in first years of life of everyday, between l' Nineteenth century and Twentieth century. Acquisì n part of newspaper, and was a close collaborator of director Luigi Albertini. In 1933, letò daily and transferì in Switzerland, where morì twenty years after. For this l' work of Foundation is divided between l'Italia and swiss State.


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