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Baykal's condition is heavy

The condition of the former head of the CHP, which formed a clot in the brain due to the clogged vein, became heavier. With edema and bleeding, the surgery was operated yesterday at noon, and in the evening he had an operation due to blood accumulated in his brain. Baykal's treatment process is experiencing some negativity, said Prof. Dr. Erkan I, "there is a vital danger."

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Baykal's condition is heavy

CHP former chairman and CHP Antalya deputy Deniz Baykal, was operated twice yesterday. At time of morning, pressure increase in skull was interfered with surgery due to monitoring increase in edema and bleeding in brain tomography. Prof. Dr. Erkan I, rector of Ankara University, reported that Marine Baykal underwent surgery for a second time on monitoring increase in edema and bleeding in brain Ct. I gave information to journalists waiting in garden of Ibn Sina Hospital, where Baykal was treated, after second operation performed.

No bleeding.

I said that Baykal's health condition is a sudden improvement due to increased intra-cranial pressure, noting that "our friends are detecting this and that it does not cause any damage in brain, but also in presence of solid tissues. They intervened. By doing surgery, y eliminated risk of new brain damage due to that pressure. Of course, this comfort has eliminated negative effect of brain edema. There's no bleeding right now. We're comfortable with that.


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Status to be evaluated

Mr. Deniz is currently being sedated, both in resting of brain, as a preventive precaution against new brain damage, as well as supporting it in terms of lung function. He's going to have a C.T. again. It will be continuously evaluated with successive tomography and treatment planning is re-organised accordingly. In this situation, everything is under control of our physician friends. The treatment is also successfully applied. But we don't know if we can have a different surprise in next process, of course. That's why re are frequent follow-up, constant examinations and checks. "


There's no choice but to wait

I, as it is not a problem in next process, such as situation is not in question, he pointed out that he said: "Of course, new risks can occur in subsequent process. But under circumstances, I would like to emphasize that painting will be even better if it continues with current findings. Mr. Deniz is having a very serious illness. From now on, we have no choice but to wait. "

Health Minister Ahmet Demirar, came to hospital wearing Ndoktor apron. N

Provides respiratory support

Erkan I, sea on left side of Baykal on question of what is final status of weakness, "it is very difficult to assess now that it is already being put into sleep. But weakness continues, "he said. The question about wher or not sea Baykal was himself before morning operation, he replied: "He was asleep in morning, and began to be sedated from evening. Because brain needs to rest and recover. Respiratory support is provided due to lung infection. He has a stress, and he needs to be eliminated. So, since last night, Sea man has been sedated. "I said, y did not find it appropriate to visit Baykal.


New operation in evening

After se statements, Baykal underwent surgery for third time in evening. The pressure increase in skull of Baykal reportedly intervened. The blood puddle formed by wound was cleaned by doctors as a result of surgery in morning. The procedure was performed in operating room against risk of infection. After cleaning process, Baykal's C.T. was taken. The results of tomography were taken into consideration by doctors.

Suhas Bakshi

He'll say where we were.

CHP Aydin Deputy Metin Lutfi Baydar, re-operated former CHP leader Deniz Baykal's health status has made a statement. Baydar noted: "The angiography performed during surgery was observed that bleeding in his brain was complete and all stents and veins were open. It was observed that brain tissue was also alive and re was no problem. The edema in brain was discharged and surgery was terminated. Mr. General President's health is good, all veins in brain are working, re is no tissue in any part of brain that is not alive. That's very nice of us. Hopefully after we've been out of intensive care in coming days, we'll wait for him to talk to all of you from here again.
  • Will overcome
  • Health Minister Ahmet Demiray came to Ankara University Ibn Sina Hospital, and received information from officials about health status of Deniz Baykal. "We're not at a point to worry. Dear Mr. Baykal, I hope this will overcome this disturbance, as a result of treatment will hopefully be health, hope, waiting and wishing, "Demircan said, detailed information during hours of hospital management To be done. Demircan, healing of Baykal, wished to get past his family. Parliament Speaker Ismail Kahraman visited Ankara University Ibn Sina Hospital, where he was treated with Baykal, and received information from officials regarding his condition.


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