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Borders will close

President Erdogan, for the temporary interests of Barzani, both Turkey and Iraq, stating that the betrayal, "please. Now all the airspace will be closed; Flights are already banned. Soon the borders will be closed. How are you going to log out? "

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Borders will close

President Tayyip Erdogan, in meeting with leaders of east and Souastern Anatolia regions in Beştepe, said illegitimate referendum was treason to territorial integrity of Iraq and Turkey. Barzani's "hand-riding sis descends", Erdogan said in a nutshell, saying:

The ancient geography we are in is going through a turbulent period. We're in a process where maps are put back on table. The password for this period is divide, shred, manage, even swallow. This tactic, where global colonial focus has successfully been confiscated for decades, has once again been put into circulation in our region. The terror cantons attempted to be created in north of Syria are part of this plan.

History is a compass

History is a sign as well as compass of stability. Turkey is undoubtedly biggest obstacle to this bloody scenario for our region. The success of this game depends on weakening, stumbling and falling of Turkey.


We'll break this game too

The aim of dividing, shredding, ethnic and sectarian provocation games in Syria and Iraq is to surround Turkey from south. I'm talking about a big game that covers inside of our country. God willing, with resurrection of our nation, we will disrupt this game, as we have wasted or attacks. We cannot allow anyone to endanger security of our entire region and our country because y will fulfill ir childhood dreams.

  • The referendum was not done
  • The event called a referendum is a cause but it is not a consequence. This is sequel. It's not done here, it just started. On one side Iran, north of Turkey, Iraq administration in south, west of Syria. What are you going to do, where are you going to go? Now, all airspace will be closed, and flights are already banned. Who's going to come? Soon borders will be closed. How are you going to get out?

He betrayed Turkey

Our reaction is that Iraq has no requirement and obligation in a period of time when it needs a relationship, and such an initiative is being consulted without consulting our country. This is treason against territorial integrity of Iraq. Norrn Iraq has betrayed Turkey for temporary interests.


The sis on Hand horse descends

Erdogan, " flags opened in demonstrations, explanations made by some countries clearly reveal who is behind this job. The norrn Iraqi administration is coming to game of great Powers with blood of innocent in ir hands. What our ancestors said; The sis on horse goes down. They're on horse now. Make sure this is what happens in norrn Iraq. The norrn Iraqi administration has been a suitor, unfortunately, to burn this phyne fire. Of course, re is no chance that such an initiative reaches target. The goal is to open a wound that will be constantly wing. We are waiting for North Iraqi administration to take necessary lessons from ir mistakes and step back soon, "he said.


Joint statement against referendum

Some opinion leaders from eastern and Souastern Anatolia regions discussed with President Erdogan reacted with a joint statement to pirate referendum in norrn Iraq. Van Küresünni Tribe Mustafa Kaçmaz, Sirnak Tatar chef Lion Tatar, Sirnak Guyan Ashireti leader digestion Babat and Mardin heroes of leader of hero of press conference, which is also ready to read report Van Ertuşti leader of vaccine Alexander Erwin The union gave me message. Erkey noted following:

We depend on our country

We strongly stated that we support stance on our region and our commitment to integration around our brorhood and our common future. The referendum in norrn Iraq would certainly not result in charity of our brors in region, but we agreed that this initiative was game of slaughter of treacherous ambitions on our geography. We have expressed our allegiance to our nation, our flag, our homeland and our state, to our esteemed president that we do not accept smallest threat and attack.

  • A surprise interview with Gokcek
  • The Beştepe complex was scene of moving hours last night. President Erdogan, alleged resignation of requested names of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gokcek accepted. The surprise interview, which was not included in daily programme of President Erdogan's announced, lasted about 1.5 hours. After interview, comments on Twitter, Gokcek, stated that interview occurred on its own request. In interview, President Erdogan expressed details of museum to be held in face of Külliye, Gökçek said that he gave a variety of information about ongoing projects in Ankara. Erdogan, on or hand, before Gokcek Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality mayor and met with Ugur was expressed.


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