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CHP Special statement about the health status of Baykal

CHP Group Vice President Special, CHP Antalya deputy Deniz Baykal made a statement about the last situation. Private, the news regarding the deteriorating health of Baykal's healthcare situation and the very bad news is all unfounded, ' he said.

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CHP Special statement about the health status of Baykal

CHP Group Vice President Özgür Ozel, former CHP leader and CHP Antalya Deputy Marine Baykal's health status, "The news about worsening of health and whole of news about very bad is unfounded," he said.

Private, Baykal's treatment in garden of Ibn-I Sina hospital in a statement to reporters waiting, reminded of statements about health situation of doctors Baykal.

Following announcement of doctors, a television channel was shared by reporter on social media, explaining that share was a concern, he stated. After sharing of private meeting with Doctor of Baykal stating, said:

"The Doctor Who followed sea Bey said in this statement," since last statement, re is no change in case. His condition is stable. No going to abuse any. The scheduled tomography will be drawn tomorrow morning, and Deniz Bey's health status has not changed since last statement, ' he said.


Stressing that social media has created infial, private, se shares have upset lovers of Baykal and Turkey, he said.

Baykal's health situation has not changed, stating that situation is serious but is not going to misuse, "we hope that President of evening will be strengned, and will spend good news tomorrow. The news about deteriorating health and very bad news is all unfounded, "he said.

Agenda of Marine Baykal's physician Description: The situation is serious

Agenda Sea Baykal 3. Once operated

The agenda coughed up your life


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