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CHP spokesman Tezte'dan Description of the mine accident in Sirnak

CHP spokesman Bülent Teztekin, yesterday Şırnak 39; TA 7 workers in the life of the lost mineral disaster and quo; even this incident requires the ministers to resign quo; said.

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CHP spokesman Tezte'dan Description of the mine accident in Sirnak
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CHP Central Board of Directors (MYK), Chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu convened.

CHP Deputy Chairman and party spokesman Bülent Teztekin in a statement on meeting yesterday, while cursing terrorist attack in Mersin, injured police officers wished for immediate healing.

Bulent Teztekin, who is president of former CHP and Antalya Deputy Marine Baykal, said treatment of emergency healing hope, "We expect days to regain its health. Mr. Deniz Baykal is one of rare figures of world politics, not just Turkish politics. Everyone knows its contributions to both CHP and Turkey and world politics with accumulation. We expect him to have a moment of his health, "he told Setimes. Referring to unlicensed mine accident in Sirnak, Teztekin said average 5-6 workers were" sacrificed "to job murder in Turkey. "We live in a period where occupational safety is eliminated, and people are left to die with a profit ambition," Teztekin said, suggesting that government has made decisions that support unsafe work. The mine has been reminded that mines are unlicensed, "in 2017, re is an unlicensed mine in front of state, and seven workers are going to work here for murder. This even in democratic countries, in conscientious countries, only this event requires ministers to resign, "he said. Mufti of marriage Authority Turkey has been dragged into debate with anor artificial agenda, such as not having all of se fundamental problems, "Teztekin said," The society will be divided and interrupted, which is a public debate, which is sect of community, we have entered a wedding debate, "he told . Tezcan said: "That's what keeps parliament busy. Poverty, counterterrorism, business killings are not spoken, or will mufti be given authority to mince a wedding? Make sure that power of Mufti does not have any form of interest and troubles with authority to mince marriage. It's not a question of Mufti's wedding and slaughter. The issue is effort to open a new debate in politics, re-divide society through beliefs, and how we can guarantee a certain base. When y do that, y don't hesitate to deceive nation. If you look at Narra, re are priests in churches all over Europe. Weddings are valid in church, such a Europe, lies. There's no such painting. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Nerlands, system in all of se countries is like us. " In Republican period, religious wedding ceremony was never banned, stressing informal marriages, critics said: "Unfortunately in our history of polygamy and issue of child brides, a land to cover problem of a black The cover was used as long as this informal marriage ceremonies. It was used as a tool to deceive our children and our women. Informal marriages. Now you're trying to make an application that is used as a cover of polygamy and informal togerness and to make it look like a picture. What's need? It's no use dividing and splitting society. This is not a debate you need. The AK party loses its base again in vaccination. " CHP, transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan's decision to discuss proposal on Monday, reminding that resolution was taken, Teztekin, reason that it was not to broadcast television from Parliament that day, he suggested . "They took gen question on Monday. Because AK party is afraid to be in front of nation. "They prevented parliament from concentrating on corruption," finger account said. Turkey's corruption has been made unable to talk, "Tezcan said," Currently, in a country with very clear bribery and corruption incidents such as December 17-25, people who originate from fact that it is not corruption, but even government is seen as a Darbey, They were afraid to talk about corruption. The AK party- Fetö alliance has done worse than ever before in history of Republic of Turkey. The state, judiciary, overthrow of armed forces, has even led to change of perception of corruption, "he said. extension of Ohal Under se circumstances, fifth time Ohal was extended, Tezcan said, "The ruling now clearly reveals that Turkey does not feel effort to extend Ohal 5 times, even though it is a democratic country." Turkey is not in league of democratic countries, but ruling in League of authoritarian countries, suggesting that power is not a disturbance, said: "They are accustomed to managing conditions of ohal. They are accustomed to using extraordinary powers, with Ohal, apparently, y are seeking to move Turkey to elections. The AK party has lost its ability to manage Turkey under ordinary circumstances. Turkey is not an ordinary country, Turkey is a country under constant ohal. Ohal must be removed immediately. Those who make a referendum under circumstances of Ohal, apparently, are pursuing ir own internal problems under circumstances of situation, solving m by using those powers. What do y call mayors? You resign, you go to judgment. That's way y say it. " "Good"

Teztekin, who has been detained in past days, said that appeal of Court of Istanbul's deputy Enis Berberber has made a "missing but beautiful" decision, and still is reminded that eviction decision was not given. "The decision of Court of Appeals, which is not committed to espionage crime, is fixed by verdict of Enis Berbanoğlu, still deprived of his freedom. The Constitutional Court does not do its duty. It is very clear that court ruled that Enis Berbanoğlu unjustly, why do not you release, why do not you decide to violate Constitutional Court? "he said. CHP spokesman Bülent Teztekin, while addressing or lawsuits related to journalists, said se journalists should be released immediately.


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