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Coast Guard Command coup initiative case

Breaking news-The former Coast Guard commander of the Fetullaçı Terrorist organization (Feö) on July 15, 2016, has been involved in the coup initiative...

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Coast Guard Command coup initiative case
Coast Guard Command coup initiative case AA Agenda News entry date: 18.10.2017 17:24 The trial of 28 people, including former Coast Guard commander Tumamiral Hakan Üstem, who was involved in coup initiative of Fatwa Terrorist Organization (Feö) on 15 July 2016, was tried to defend case against defendants. Continued.

Ankara 17. Former petty Officer Mustafa Özdemir, who was in courtroom at Sincan prison settlement in courtroom, said trial was over and would make a defense in a way that contributes to basis of case.

Although he was stationed in Yalova, night of coup initiative was accused of coming to Coast Guard headquarters in Ankara, indicating that re was no concrete evidence about terrorist declared, he suggested.

In course of coup initiative, Yalova, where he came to Ankara, where his family was in house, Özdemir argued that this action was evaluated as a support for impact.

Özdemir, "The formation in Ankara, development of headquarters, as a crime is given. I am a two-month course in Yalova, but my mission is headquarters of Coast Guard command. I will leave course with a future order and go to Ankara, where I have tenure. I was not a stranger. Major Abdullah Karaca, summoned me to headquarters by order of commander, "he defended.

At time of coup attempt, he called headquarters for information, but claimed he could not reach anyone, Özdemir said he was looking for former branch manager Lieutenant A. I. G.

"You will decide what to do about what to do," said A. I. G, saying that he was surprised in face of this.

Explaining that he went to headquarters of Coast Guard command with suppression of coup initiative, Özdemir claimed that re was no action here for initiative.

-"I went to headquarters after coup was suppressed"

The defendant, former major Abdullah Karaca, has begun his defence, noting that prosecutor will be in a statement against confiscation of Esasa.

The prosecution proved his innocence, Karaca said he was staying home on July 15th, watching developments that night on television.

The next morning coup attempt was suppressed, after publication of reports on arrest of perpetrators of initiative, he received orders from Headquarters to arrive at task of defending Karaca, upon which coast of July 16, morning He told me you went to security command headquarters.

Stating that this action was interpreted as a support for impact, Karaca said, "The prosecution has established a fiction from two photographs and wants me to be aggravated life three times. I've been claimed to be in shock support, but I was struck by country across clock when I went to headquarters. Neverless, it is not right to say that I went to support coup, "he said.

When he came to center of Action, he received information from a petty officer who met at Headquarters, he noted that he took a box from colonel, which he did not know what was in it.

"I find it hard to be judged with aggravated life imprisonment just for this," said Karaca, who later learned that pepper spray was found in box.

Colonel Sezgin said that day of coup attempt was made by order of experience in writing, said that a few days later prosecution was asked to explain same thing.

Stating that he was arrested by judicial authorities for deposition, Karaca requested an acquittal.

The trial will continue tomorrow with defendants ' defence of Esasa.


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