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Complaints from Bylock! ' The first night we got married... '

Last minute news-in one of the Bylock correspondence that members of the fatwa terrorist organization uses for confidential communication, the organization of the marriage catalogue with members...

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Complaints from Bylock! ' The first night we got married... '
Complaints from Bylock! ' The first night we got married... ' Date of entry: 18.10.2017 14:25 in one of Bylock correspondence that members of Fatla terrorist organization use for confidential communication, complaints of a woman who engaged in a catalog marriage with members of organization . In correspondence, woman who was abused by her husband told Ankara to report it and her husband was warned.

In one of Bylock correspondence solved during investigations process, re are complaints from an organization member husband who apparently made a ' catalogue marriage ' with one of members of organization. In correspondence with her husband's family and violence of her husband, woman who was subjected to her husband ' Abla ' called, person who was violent, she reported to Ankara, said that her husband ' warned '.

' He hit me, I told Ankara '

Here are those parts of secret correspondence:

' If y don't have money, I don't want m to help. He says, "no money," but I'm saying it's not a liability. I'm telling you, y have expectations. As long as you don't explain it, I'm a loser. I'm saying it's like I'm trying to please m. He's not saying you're not right. But his family doesn't get dust. He had been married for first three months, and he forced me re for 20 days. He said before marriage, we won't be dealing with anyone after marriage. SIS hit me night we first got married. One or two more times he grabbed my arm and hurt me. I told Ankara. They were asleep. Then he supposedly apologized. But I can't forgive him. It's hard to tell. I think some things are shaken. He's not violent anymore, but I can't forget days. '



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