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connection with the fetus and DHKP/C in the indictment

In Istanbul, the chief Prosecutor's office, the former police of the fetus, the illegal armed terrorist organization DHKP/C, the element leaked, and the sketch of President Erdogan's residence in Ündar, the actions of chaos through the elements of this organization. The investigation into the claims they aimed to perform was completed.

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connection with the fetus and DHKP/C in the indictment

Istanbul Republic Chief Prosecutor's Office, former police member of Fatwa Terrorist Organization (Feö), illegal armed terrorist organization DHKP/C, element leaked and sketch of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's housing in Uskudar is leaked to this organization Completed investigation into allegations that y aimed to perform chaos actions through ir elements.

The indictment, prepared by Istanbul Republic Prosecutor's Attorney's office, was shown as former Istanbul responsible for DKP/C as a victim of stated Asuman Akça, who was asked to be executed.

As number one suspect, former police commissioner Ali Fuat Yılmazer, who was detained under case of murder of Fetö/Pdy and Hrant Dink, was detained as suspects, Ferdi Taşkaya, Gürkan Turkoglu, Ismail vaccine, Mustafa Eren and Mustafa Pet , as suspects in decision to capture rights of former policemen Ali Ihsan Kaya, Halil Karakululu, Mehmet Yilmaz, Serdar Bayraktutan and Ufuk Yildirim, as well as arrests of names of Mesut Aydınbaşı, and name of Süleyman.


DHKP/C-Feö relationship

In indictment outlining organizations, structures and activities of DHKP/C and Fatwa terrorist organization/Parallel state structuring (Feö/pdy), relationship between se two terrorist organisations was emphasized.

In indictment, where left terrorist organisations are aiming to demolish current order with armed terror actions and establish a new order instead, "use of different instruments as weapons in fetus/pdy is step-by-step state of targeted new order In form of a different version of unit. as it is seen, desired range is same, but path of terror organisations is a difference, " statement said.

It aims to change system by addressing all institutions of state, rar than destroying current order by fighting state of fetus to shape desired consistency of society by giving war against government In highlighted indictment, " militants of Turkish armed forces of Feö/Pdy, Police Department, National Union of Itihbarat and private security companies, as well as public servant of people, organization belonging to se individuals, all or It comes before belonging. "


"They saw crime of Dink's murder useful."

In indictment, which was discussed in role of Feö coup initiative and its actions prior to July 15th and murder of Hrant Dink, Directorate of Intelligence Department of Dink murder case (IDB) C branch Manager Ali Fuat Yılmazer, in June of year of 2006 without obtaining approval of establishment of a secret unit called C-5 outside of legislation, commissioned by Commissioner and Commissioner of officers, F-4 reports from IDB, legal information A non-C-5 office was conducted, this unit was prepared for launch of fetus, preparation of Ergenekon investigations and presence of Bureau was subsequently revealed.


The defendants of Dink murder case, Ramazan Akyurek, Ali fuat Yilmazer and Coşkun çakar's Fetullah Gülen community to fulfill purpose of organization known as murder of Hrant Dink, vehicular crime and Dink will be killed, murder The indictment, which was prepared, shooter who killed Dink, even though y knew it was Ogün Samast, was expected to be committed to this murder, following evaluation was done:

  • "Ramadan Akyürek, Ali fuat Yilmazer and Coşkun Çakır in security of Fetullah Gulen community in structuring of congregation, Istanbul Intelligence Branch Directorate wants to be done, to ensure that intelligence officers They are not preventing mapping of Dink's murder, which is responsible for his responsibility, y remain motionless until murder is committed, planned to be carried out, Ergenekon, and sledgehammer to create preparations for operation of this murder useful What y see, is legality of investigations of conspiracy and creation of perception that fetus is doing a legal job, murder of Hrant Dink in order to carry out crimes of fetus is not intentionally prevented crime of vehicle being processed. , y expect Dink murder to be processed, in fact y know that this murder will be processed since October 13, 2005.

In this way, it is understood that people who have infiltrated public for purposes of Organization, even murder of persons through illegal structuring and terrorist organisations that have been able to use vehicle. He is not afraid of cooperation with terrorist organisations that exist to achieve purpose of fatwa/pdy, intellectual knowledge, number of elements, economic power that most of time directed se terrorist organisations for ir own purposes and in cooperation with this In scope of investigations, PKK and DKP/C armed terrorist organisations are in cooperation with subject. "


"The sketch of President's residence was given to DHKP-C"

In indictment, suspects Ali Ihsan Kaya, Mehmet Yilmaz, Halil Karakunulu, Serdar Bayraktutan and Ali Fuat Yılmazazer, that period 60. The government prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's house located in Uskudar Police district, in and around area of security guards in hand drawn sketch of location of flash memory DKP-C Auxiliary Intelligence Individuals to be delivered to organization through ir elements.

The indictment included following statements: "Suspects Mesut Aydan, President Erdogan's residence in Uskudar, map and maps of members of fetus, Mehmet Yilmaz, Ali Ihsan Kaya and Ali Fuat Yılmazazer's knowledge of Halil Karakululu In accordance with aim and strategy of this Organization, it was understood that terrorist organization was conveyed to DHKP-C.

  • Criminal requests
  • In indictment in which suspects ' actions were evaluated, former police officer Ali Fuat Yılmazazer, Ali Ihsan Kaya, Halil Karakuzu, Mehmet Yilmaz and Serdar Bayraktutan, " official document of public servants chained in form of fraud" 6 for crime From crime of year to 16 years, from 7.5 to 15 years from "terrorist organization membership" crime and "attempt to intentionally kill by designing it to conceal crime", a total of 33 years from 6 months to 30 years was demanded to be punished in prison for up to 61 years.
  • Suspects Ferdi Taşkaya, Ismail Vaccination, Mustafa Eren, Mustafa Pet and Ufuk Yildirim, " public servants ' forgery in official document in a chained manner" crime for 6 years to 16 years and 7 years from 6 months to 15 years for "membership of terrorist organization" in a total of 13 years 6 In indictment demanded to be sentenced to 31 years from month, or suspects Sulejman Taşbaş, "a member of armed terrorist organization" for 7 years 6 months to 15 years, Gürkan Turkoglu and Mesut Aycın'in "not a member of armed terrorist organization "Committing a felony on behalf of crime" was again sentenced to 7 years to 15 years from 6 months to imprisonment.


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