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Crashed in 3 hours

Barzani, who challenged Turkey, Iran and Iraq in the referendum, collapsed in Kirkuk occupied. The Iraqi army has provided the city-wide control within 3 hours despite the Peshmerga force of 14 thousand people and PKK terrorists around 400 thousand. At the end of 11 hours, Barzani was taken from the 30,000 square kilometers of space occupied by the pretext of Deaş.

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Crashed in 3 hours

The so-called ' great Kurdistan ' adventure, which he trusts to US and Israel, seems to be end of ' Wild is ' Massoud Barzani. "Kak Massoud's dream literally turned into a nightmare, which put an ear on warnings of people he lives with in same geography and dreams of ending with his far, Mustafa Barzani. In process of pirate referendum on September 25th to implement U.S.-Israeli puppet state project with bespoke maps, Barzani listened to Iraq and Iran's warnings, particularly in Turkey. Barzani's independent State AD initiative officially collapsed with Iraqi army and operation of Hashdi Shabi launched on 15 October.

Beginning of end

The ancient Turkmen dormitory had been forced to vacate city of Kirkuk, which has changed its ethnic structure to more than 600 thousand since 2003, and Barzani forces, Deaş, occupied by pretext in hours. For 11 hours, peshmerga left 30,000 square kilometers of space without serious conflict. After tragic images reflected in large bozgun living peshmerga lines, Kurdish opposition wing, Barzani called for ' resignation '. The great Hezimet, which peshmerga in norrn Iraq, especially in Kirkuk, is seen as ' beginning of end ' for Barzani. Barzani has a reaction to his own party, even from KDP.


He'll be all alone

The elli, who gave information to new dawn, will be thoroughly alone with his defeat, saying that Barzani will be liquidated from both Iraq's north and regional Kurdish administration, with steps taken by Iran and Turkey. Sources pointing to presence of a serious mass complaining about ' feudal structure ' in region, process of Massoud Barzani ' great Kurdistan ' slogan created a specific excitement in streets, but not everyone in a short time zone He said he had to face truth. "Tehran and Ankara will not leave Erbil alone after that," sources noted that Barzani's liquidation is now inevitable.

  • 3 hours has been enough
  • The Iraqi army and Hashdi Sabi militia have provided control over city in 3 hours after low-intensity clashes despite PKK terrorist force and 1400 in Kirkuk for 14 thousand people. As forces connected to Talabani were contracted by Iran, entry-outs of Kirkuk, which were withdrawn without resistance of Barzani's peshmerga, were declared a curfew in city. The "peshmerga statue", which was erected by Barzani and shown as symbol of occupation, was given to fire in Turkmen city some time ago. The statue is expected to be demolished soon. Turkmen and Arabs demand return of pre-2005 situation in Kirkuk and creation of a structure that represents a fair representation of all segments with a central management model. In 2005, parties stated that population of Kirkuk, which was 840 thousand, was deliberately moved to region because of Kurds, which had been intentionally transported to 1 million 600 thousand, so city should return to its former state again.

The referendum remained in past

Ad Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar al-Ibadi stated that Iraqi flag should be hanged all over country, noting that ikby referendum remains in past. "I warned Ikby officials that referendum would harm interests of Kurds in first place," he said at a press conference in Baghdad. The referendum is over and it's past. The Iraqi flag is all Iraqis. Must be hanged all over country, "he said. He also urged avoidance of provocative acts in Kirkuk.


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