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Critical talks have begun in Germany!

Last minute news-three weeks after the elections in Germany, preliminary negotiations for the coalition government began. General elections in Germany on September 24...

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Critical talks have begun in Germany!
Critical talks have begun in Germany! Date of entry: 18.10.2017 15:49 in Germany, three weeks after elections, preliminary negotiations for coalition government began.

In Germany, after general elections on September 24th, 8.6 per cent of vote, Merkel's party, CDU/CSU (Christian Unity Parties), FDP (Free Democratic Party) and challenge between Greens, "Jamaican coalition," preliminary negotiations began.

As a continuation of preliminary negotiations, representatives of FDP and Greens party are expected to gar on Thursday and representatives of three parties will be gared on Friday for about 50. The negotiations are expected to be very difficult and long because of differences in opinion between four parties.

Parties give message to unity

The Christian Social Union (CSU) President Horst Seehofer stressed importance of establishing confidence by visiting its leaders at Greens party headquarters, as part of preliminary talks Tuesday evening.

Peter Tauber, Secretary-General of Merkel's Christian Democratic Unity party CDU, stressed importance of Jamaican talks to all parties to give community a message of unity, saying parties should understand importance of it, " negotiations are very challenging ".

CSU Secretary General Andreas Scheuer said Union parties are prepared and well prepared against FDP and Greens parties, and that y will not allow two parties to unite against m.

"The goal of future government should be to resolve divide and cross-cultural problems between rich and poor in community, city and provincial," said Anton Hofreiter, President of Greens Party parliamentary group.

The Free Democratic Party is insisting on an immigration act that makes a clear distinction between war refugees, refugees and immigrants, and talks will not change its stance.

The Jamaican model is called ' Jamaican ' coalition of German public because of green colors of black, free Democrats of Christian unity parties and Greens.


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