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Cuñadismo ‘tróspido’

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Cuñadismo ‘tróspido’

The program of Telecinco common Sense makes quarry of pundits experts at all among people of street. And you get a large collection of pearls

most of pundits on television are todólogos, you know everything. So you think last match of selection of hurricane Irma who challenge sovereignty in Catalonia. But how do we talk about se issues in street? What would you say loteras del barrio, masons of next street or chinese marketplace to corner market? Telecinco responds to doubt in common Sense, a program that has started this Monday.

The formula is simple: board two or three friends or family members and suggest a topic dominating headlines in media. The result is a, shall we say, quirky blend that combines widespread cuñadismo typical Spanish with trospidismo that is given as well to chain, sister, Four. An explosive mixture that leaves pearls constants.

One of couples who more sentences to memory has made first delivery is that formed by two cousins ranchers. One of m declares "male iberian Spanish with id", is very clear that Earth is round, "but it's not round at all, it is oval in chunks" and believes that "americans are dudes more modorros of world" because y will have a lot of money and what y want, but n re are several million of m believe that chocolate milk given by cows brown.

Because in this program it seems that you can say anyone and any topic. Quarry pundits, we're going. One can manifest purpose of Alba Carrillo, comment on supposed machismo of an ad for an airline with hostesses in lear or discuss fact that no Spanish university is among 200 best in world. "Nor do you need to be as ready, you just have to be a little more managed," is conclusion reached by one of masons.

Within apparent nonsense of this common Sense, so much bead board finishes to start smiles unexpected. People like friendly competition, stretcher bearers or barrenderas of Malaga of program exist and y live among us, even it is easy for some comment from those what have heard more about what we would like to recognize. Because let's face it, I also think that letter Slowly, does not exist, "as chinese old", as has been heard in this space.

And for those who don't like to recognize that we live with such people, option gives a couple gothic in a cemetery: "I am under at this train stop of life. What a horror".


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