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' Cyber company ' operation in Kahramanmaras in Feö

Breaking news-in Kahramanmaras, under the investigation of the fatwa terrorist organization/Parallel state structuring (Feö/Pdy), the organization is the cyber company...

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' Cyber company ' operation in Kahramanmaras in Feö
Operation "Cyber Company" in Kahramanmaras in Feö AA Agenda News entry date: 4.10.2017 10:23 In Kahramanmaras, under investigation of fatwa terrorist organization/Parallel state structuring (Feö/Pdy), 3 partners of a company allegedly being organization's cyber company were detained.

As part of fatwa/Pdy investigation carried out by Chief Prosecutor of Republic of Kahramanmaras, decision of a company to capture 3 people is partner of a stated firm that works as a cyber company of Feö.

Provincial Police Directorate of Anti-Smuggling and Organised Crime branch teams in simultaneous operation organized in 3 addresses Erkan A, Adem P. And Fedat Ç, were detained.

Numerous digital materials belonging to suspects detained were also confiscated.

The suspects from health control were taken to safety for questioning.

The company owned by detained people, Kahramanmaras, Istanbul, Adana and Gaziantep provinces, stated that it operates.

With instructions of company's partners, organization linked firms and companies to prevent possible raids by replacing hard disks of police investigations in investigation of evidence that y are trying to get to suspicious firms, y have established With remote access to servers, it was noted that criminal elements found on computers were cleaned up against possible police raids.


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