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Description of Deniz Baykal's health status

Breaking news: Deniz Baykal 39; In the health and 160; about 160; In the descriptions of the 160; rector of Ankara University, Prof. Dr. I, 160; quo; provides respiratory support. 160; he's unconscious at the moment, quo; 160;d to He spoke. 160; CHP Group vice President Özgür Private, Deniz Baykal 39; In regards to health status, quo; all the news about the worsening of his health and the very bad news, and all the sensations about the very poor, and quo;

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Description of Deniz Baykal's health status
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  • Marine Baykal has been operated again

Breaking News! Former CHP leader and CHP Antalya Deputy Deniz Baykal's Ankara University medical faculty, Idni Sina Hospital is taking treatment. The result of morning operation of sea Baykal, scar-edge blood puddle was cleaned by doctors. The procedure was performed in operating room against risk of infection. After cleaning process, Baykal's C.T. was taken. The results of tomography were taken into consideration by doctors.


Prof. Dr. Erkan I, rector of Ankara University (EMU), explained to journalists waiting in garden of Ibn Sina Hospital, where Baykal was treated.

Describing concept of 48-72 hours in earlier statements, I was reminded that re were some complications within 48-72 hours of brain damage and cerebral-related diseases.

I reported highest level of bleeding and payment, so I had surgery to reduce pressure at noon.

I said intervention during evening was that re was no surgery, and blood was cleaned up under skin with this intervention.

Voicing treatment of Baykal's intensive care, I said, "I am currently undergoing intensive treatment for him again. We have respiratory support, brain support. In this process he shared his knowledge of course he sleeps as unconscious. "

I noticed that a good or negative indication of snapshot could be encountered, I occasionally received tomographic images.

"We always kept our hope"

In morning tomographic control is scheduled to be done, I said, "We have always protected our hopes to see much better results, but in table that is in bride, of course we are still protecting our hopes, but we are experiencing some negativity You know, we share with you, "he said.

Prof. Dr. I, Rector, noted that support treatments will be undergoing intensive care.

When a journalist asks if it's vital danger, I say, "We've always said it, re's a vital danger at time first thing started, because we've always said it's serious. There's a severe brain injury and that vital danger at any moment. When he arrived at hospital, he said, "he used it.

In intensive care, it is indicative that being under intensive treatment is a serious condition, I said, that Baykal's illness is serious, and that y hope that serious situation will be eliminated with treatments.

"The seriousness Continues"

When a journalist asks about his insight into wher a stroke or a worse situation is going to happen, I'm going, "time will show. We share it with our friends, our experts. Of course, time will show, what's going to happen in that process, how infection in his lung is going to allow brain to oxygenate enough. We'll see about that in time. What we already say doesn't go beyond guessing, but those predictions can lead to different interpretations. So we'll follow process toger, we'll see it in process. "

"Is it okay for us to call it critical tonight?" on question of anor journalist, he noted:

"It's serious from moment it happened. The case is serious. I mean, all teams are here. Uninterrupted support, service, hence seriousness continues, serious illness continues, and will continue furr. Because period of recovery doesn't seem to be short-term, hours, short days. That's why it's good to say "serious."

"No new clot."

On question of when sea Baykal was scheduled to be awakened, I said that re were times when trials were made.

The brain-oriented visual or sound of any stress can lead to use of oxygen in mind, I said, it was a concern that this could lead to or damages and that Baykal's consciousness was closed.

Prof. Dr. Spark Yavuz, who answered question of wher stent was placed yesterday, was "working, re is no newly evolving clot. There is no problem in stent and brain circulation but re are some risks that are expected to be extra evolving, this disease and process, at moment we see risks. We see that possible natural risks are real. He knew how to evolve, but it can be heavy when it develops. Now we're trying to fight m, but re's no problem with our operation, "he said.

Visit from Kilicdaroglu

CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, came to Idni Sina Hospital, rector of Ankara University on health status of Baykal received information from Prof. Dr. Erkan I.

Kemal Kilicdaroglu, approximately 40 minutes from hospital where he left reporters said, "The physician friends are making efforts from ir hands. All our prayers are with sea Bey, "he said.

CHP leader Kilicdaroglu in hospital, AK Party deputy chairman Mehdi Eker and AK Party group vice President Mustafa Egel, came to hospital and received information from officials on health status of Baykal.

Ozgur Özgür: All senses are not hanged

CHP Group Vice President Özgür Private, Ibn-I Sina hospital's garden in a statement to reporters waiting, reminded of statements about health status of Doctors Baykal.

Private, after announcement of doctors, social media shares expressed concern. After sharing of private meeting with Doctor of Baykal stating, said:

"The Doctor Who followed sea Bey said in this statement," since last statement, re is no change in case. His condition is stable. No going to abuse any. The scheduled tomography will be drawn tomorrow morning, and Deniz Bey's health status has not changed since last statement, ' he said.

Stressing that social media has created infial, private, se shares have upset lovers of Baykal and Turkey, he said.

Baykal's health situation has not changed, stating that situation is serious but is not going to misuse, "we hope that President of evening will be strengned, and will spend good news tomorrow. The news about deteriorating health and very bad news are all unfounded, "he said.

CHP Aydin Deputy Metin Lutfi Baydar also explained to reporters in hospital's garden. Bleeding under skin after surgery, stating that hematoma, Baydar, said that hematoma was cleaned up in order not to pressure brain.

Baykal's continued to be sedated, "Baydar said," After hematoma discharge, control tomography has been made in most comfortable position of brain after all operations done so far. Hopefully it will continue this way if re is no or complication, "he shared his knowledge.

Stating that y wanted to preserve bleeding of region, Baydar said blood thinners also increased bleeding. Baydar noted that both absence of post-operative skin bleeding and stent were endeavoring to work. On question of wher intervention was a third surgical operation, Baydar responded:

"Let's not call it operation, operation was carried out, but bleeding under this skin is environment where re is no infection conditions, sterile environment is operating room. It was cleaned out re, performed in operating conditions. The hematoma under skin was cleansed. "

Baydar, Baykal's continued follow-up with computed tomography added.


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