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Dirty Harry is confronted with the macaque Naruto

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Dirty Harry is confronted with the macaque Naruto

A chimp manages a portion of benefits that generated a selfie

Dirty Harry, police, little respectful with idea that everyone, even criminals, are protected by law, went down in history for his famous phrase "Alégrame day". Harry is usually not taken very well when some fugitive had odd idea of asking a lawyer or a claim on me for ir rights. Now, a court of his city, San Francisco, has put it still more difficult for Harry because if this suspect were an ape you would also have to read you your rights. After a long dispute legal, photographer David Slater and association PETA have come to an agreement to that court so that 25% of rights to selfie that became a macaque, crested Sulawesi called Naruto go to protect ir habitat. In or words, Naruto is owner of part of rights of author of photo.

This bug is not isolated: re are numerous claims to ensure that animals are rights-holders essentially human, such as Habeas Corpus, something that has already had a chimpanzee called Cecilia. A orangutana Sandra has been considered a "person non-human", while captivity of orcas —very intelligent animal and social— is increasingly questioned.

The macaque takes advantage of ‘selfie’

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These statements cause enormous doubts legal and may even seem like a joke, starting with because y are not animals mselves have submitted demands. However, y respond to a reality: our perception of animal intelligence is changing rapidly and for creatures with which we share planet. Two excellent essays from two scientists of first summary row that new knowledge: do We have enough intelligence to understand intelligence of animals? (Tusquets), Frans de Waal, Minds and wondrous ( Gutenberg Galaxy), Carl Safina.

The association of animal rights PETA points out on agreement that "represents a point of no return in expansion of rights of non-human animals, a goal which we will continue to fight". An animal might symbolize this change of sensitivity: raven. As has been explained very well by French historian Michel Pastoureau, for centuries it was considered a bird of evil omen, a scavenger, but, little by little, according to progressed science, was discovering that he possesses an intelligence that is extraordinary. Time magazine titled an article in July: "A bird as smart as us." Can solve complex problems such as using keys, you are able to make forecasts for future and are very supportive. In fact, y are so ready that when y discover a trick in an experiment, tell to ors. The rights achieved by macaque Naruto, that does not smile to camera, but rar threat to show teeth, may have brightened up day, but re would be an anecdote, even an extravagance, if it were a fault to be isolated. But it is not. Surely, Naruto will never be aware of it, but it has become a pioneer.


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