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Discount for good behavior for the commander of the Darbeci!

Former AKSAZ naval base commander, former Aksaz Ali Alper Ali with the so-called ' Mugla Martial Law commander ' in the coup initiative of the fetus, and the main commander Marine Infantry Col. Aytunc Kan, "Violation of the Constitution" aggravated life imprisonment Sentenced. The court ruled that the admiral and the Colonel's actions were not escaped after the verb and their good behavior in the proceedings was to be translated into a sentence.

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Discount for good behavior for the commander of the Darbeci!

The former AKSAZ naval base commander, former Aksaz central commander, Admiral Namık Alper, with alleged "Mugla martial law commander" in coup initiative of Fatwa Terrorist Organization (Feö), was aggravated by "violation of Constitution" Sentenced to life imprisonment. After actions of defendants, y were sentenced to life imprisonment for ir good behavior in proceedings.

Mugla 2. The trial of case, which was seen in Supreme Criminal Court, attended defendants ' lawyers and relatives of former Aksaz naval base commander, Brigadier Namık Alper. At hearing, Prime Minister's attorney, Halit Çokan, was also present.

The defendants, who made ir final plea at hearing, did not accept charges on ir rights, asked for ir acquittal.


The court, which connects file to verdict, defendants Namık Alper and Aytuncın, prosecutor's Office of Republic of Mugla, "attempted to abolish constitutional order", "to eliminate Grand National Assembly of Turkey and its mandate "Attempted to prevent Government of Republic of Turkey," and "to prevent it from doing its duty to eliminate or perform its duties," he said, according to TCK's 309/1, 311/1, 312/1 substances, y were demanded to be punished separately.

Given that delegation took place with all aspects of "attempted to abolish constitutional order" crime, it was "attempted to eliminate great National Assembly of Turkey and to prevent its duties" and " Republic of Turkey "Attempted to eliminate government or to prevent his duties," he noted, that action constitutes crime of "violating Constitution".


As a result of trial, y committed crime of "violating constitution" with evidence collected in entire file as part of accused, and in accordance with 309/1 article of TCK, which conforms to this action, form of crime, cause and Sahr, intensity of tape In front of it, it was recorded that it was sentenced to be punished separately for aggravated life imprisonment.

After actions of defendants to avoid escaping and positive behaviour observed during trial, given possible impact on future of defendants, penalties are made in accordance with TCK's 62/1. They were determined to be punished for life sentences.

The court committee has decided that I have no furr legal or appreciation for defendants and that re is no place to apply discount provision.


In ruling, defendants ' being director of armed terrorist organization, ' crime of " breach of Constitution" in terms of crime, and accused of "violating constitution" in respect of guilt of accused of this crime also ruled out There was no room for establishment.

"For first time in Turkey, a court has decided on alleged martial law commander"

The Prime Minister's attorney, Halit Çokan, in a statement to reporters at exit of court, so-called assignment list of Darbbeci, former Aksaz naval base commander, which is shown as "Mugla martial law commander" with former Aksaz Alper Merkez Commander of Naval Infantry, Col. Anita Kan, "The Republic of Turkey constitutional order to eliminate indictment" pointed to accused.


The Tribunal has punished both defendants with aggravated life imprisonment, but he noted that punishment was not to escape after verb y had committed and to take into account positive state of court.

"For first time in Turkey, a court has decided on so-called martial law commander," he said, wishing decision to be good for nation. For first time, such a decision was made about a darbeci appointed as commander of so-called provincial martial law. I wish that wife would be good for our nation, to be assured of our democracy, "he said.


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