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Doncic and Dragic down to Porzingis in a duel colossal: Slovenia, rival of Spain in the semi-finals

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Doncic and Dragic down to Porzingis in a duel colossal: Slovenia, rival of Spain in the semi-finals

The real madrid signed one of most brilliant of his career (27 points and nine rebounds) to finish with Latvia of Porzingis (34 points)

Comes to a future full of passion and boldness. So were deployed in Sinan Erdem slovenians and latvians, a battle of streaks and fireworks based on pure talent. He ended up succeeding Slovenia of Dragic, Doncic (27 points and nine rebounds) and Anthony Randolph, a trio threatening, rival of Spain on Thursday (20.30 h., Four) for a place in final.

it Was an extraordinary battle, two teams into open grave. A slide-intensity, action-reaction. Beat finally Slovenia because Latvia was not enough to skyrocket once foot: at this point, do it twice, is synonymous with death. Sinned of serious inexperience.

Experience competitive

To side of Dragic, but with ardor of known alpha male, Luka Doncic has found hunger as a claim in this ir first experience with your selection.

It is releasing during Eurobasket your last weeks of season thick with Real Madrid, amassing a competitive experience that is pure gold. Before you grab all responsibility you want to give base of Suns a medal in his farewell with Slovenia. D-day was this Tuesday of passion in Sinan Erdem. So y feel Kokoshov, such as motorcycles.

The 30-15 after an unsporting to Timma not presaged nothing good for latvians, or 'millenials' desire to renovate ir prehistoric medals (1939, and gold edition starting in 1935). Even less, third lack of Kristaps Porzingis. And, however, following collapse in dawn, y grew up to be powerful. Traced with a partial total of 19-37, acertadísimos brors Bertans from perimeter.

Quarter 2009

But y had not learned lesson. Locker came back with one of those slips unforgivable in se summits. is A partial against of 16-2, and fourth of Porzingis. Too much to paddle, when slovenians had smelled blood. He had not finished bid but almost when Randolph got maximum, as in definitive act (79-66). There was still last arreón baltic, a duel enormous that defenses had resigned pretty soon. A powerful mate and a triple were last claw Porzingis (34 points). Sentenced Dragic with a penetration less than 30 seconds.

will Be second semi-finals in its history to Slovenia, a land of tradition and talent. But only in 2009 smell medals -even in 2013, in Ljubljana-, fourth -, finally, in what is until now your roof.


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