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Electronic cigarette aromas trigger cancer

The 2-year research in Ege University & #39; The aroma of electronic cigarettes triggered the increase in tumor cells.

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Electronic cigarette aromas trigger cancer

With support of Tubitak, Ege University, a 2-year scientific study at Institute for Substance Abuse, toxicology and pharmaceutical Sciences, was determined that aromas of electronic cigarettes triggered propagation and increase rate of tumor cells on respiratory path. Assistant Director of Institute and Chief of Substance Addiction Master of Science, Prof. The scientific study of electronic cigarettes was carried out in title of Dr. Görkem benefit. In a statement to journalists related to work, benefit of use of electronic cigarettes is widespread in Turkey as well as in world, he said. In ir research, 11 different electronic cigarette aromas purchased over internet, emphasizing effects on cell groups, "Our goal was to obtain evidence to predict possible damages of electronic cigarettes . The first results of our study indicate that especially aroma content should be taken into consideration. Aromas, we see that electronic cigarettes are perhaps most pleasing, sympatic face, but damage it has to be carefully looked at, size to be feared, "he said. With support of results of research conducted by Tubitak, he said: "The findings we obtained were given to us by certain aromas in electronic cigarettes, especially in specific dose range, tumor in respiratory tract triggered velocity of spreading and increasing cells. This alone does not reflect what degree clinical condition of electronic cigarette solutions do, but can be guided. We have concentrated on next stages of our work at this point. " Explaining that electronic cigarettes can harm user's relatives, benefit is that a child drinking electronic cigarette liquids could be severely poisoned. "Different diseases can arise" The benefit of smoking is that damage to public is constantly explained, " most frequent mistake of experts working in this area is to compare how harmful electronic cigarettes are to cigarettes. Because it is a harmful thing, evaluating through anor harmful thing can show him more innocent and dangerous than he is "he used statements. The benefit is that damages of electronic cigarettes will be better understood in future, noting that "re are different diseases due to emergence of electronic cigarettes in future," he said. Emphasizing that y would do more scientific work on subject and share results with public, benefit was to increase awareness of electronic cigarette users, adding that scientific research should be increased.


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