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Emmanuel Macron suffers his first rebellion in the streets of France

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Emmanuel Macron suffers his first rebellion in the streets of France

president cargo from west Indies against "frivolity" of trade unions, which face a disunited war to labor reform

The first day of demonstrations against labor reform blocks Paris

The trade unions have begun mobilizing street against labour reform of Emmanuel Macron. The first assault, however, has not been great thing: manifestations are numerous, but not overwhelming, and little participation of students. "It is only beginning, a promising beginning," said Philippe Martinez, general secretary of CGT. Within this month re will be two days of protest. The Government remains convinced that it will impose reform without major difficulties.

Macron, sure of ir strength, was allowed to cause during last days those who were opposed to liberalization of labour market. called Them several times, "lazy" and "cynical,". There were those who yesterday did business by selling to protesters t-shirts with phrase "I'm a slacker". The contempt presidential did not, in any case, to unite trade unions, more divided than ever. The protest was called by CGT, UNEF (students) and FSU (officers); two of large plants, CFDT and FO, are not totaled, although in case of FO many of its members, perhaps majority, had disobeyed direction and y went out to street.

The CGT estimated that some 60,000 people had paraded in Paris, and about 400,000 in 180 gear held in rest of France. According to police, in Paris y did not protest more than 24,000. The crucial fact was difference with protests in march of 2016 against a law of liberalization, called The Khomry (by minister of Labour of time), and driven by same Macron as Economy minister. That reform, less emphatic than present, drew more people to street, as reported by unions mselves.

The day was a home of hope for organizers. The stall-holders affected by a new law that restricts ir presence in public spaces, joined by surprise at protests, and used ir trucks to block traffic. In Paris, half a thousand vehicles closed entrance to town from 7 in morning, and after a couple of hours went to Arc de Triomphe. The suburban transport (RER) experienced strikes (partial) complicated situation still furr.

it Seemed that protest could have a major impact on big cities. Finally, it was not so.

The march in paris, between esplanade de la Bastille and plaza de Italia, ruins without incident of importance. Some 300 hooded staged clashes with police, who used tear gas, and broke some of crystals. Were made marginal, at some distance from bulk of demonstration, led by dozens of stall-holders dressed up as clowns. For a country that is accustomed to rallies outright and malencaradas, yesterday turned out to be a minor issue.

Emmanuel Macron during his visit yesterday to French Antilles. REUTERS

The president Macron decided to travel yesterday to French Antilles, devastated by hurricane Irma, and once re, reproached trade unions "frivolity" of ir mobilization in a time in which thousands of ir fellow citizens overseas lacked "water, food and roof". Macron wants not only to implement a reform which lowers substantially dismissal, it devalues sectoral agreements and expands scope of employers to extend working day: want to break power of CGT, union dissident par excellence, is historically linked to Communist Party.

For CGT, moment is delicate. For first time has ceased to be union with more delegates, because that is now CFDT, is inspired by more moderate, and a failure in this campaign ahondaría ir difficulties. The UNEF was confident that high school students held a strike, but barricades erected in first hour of morning to six institutes parisians were removed and classes developed normally.

in Addition to remain divided, unions have not succeeded, for now, to attract parties, especially in France Insumisa of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The populist left participated in demonstrations and own Mélenchon joined Marseille, city where he was a deputy; however, France Insumisa will hold its own protest on 23rd, two days after a new day of demonstrations called by CGT. In terms of National Front, stand on sidelines and says to continue protests "with concern", although its leader more controversial, Florian Philippot, participated in unsuccessful blockade of Paris on board truck of a pitchman.


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