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Erdogan: Commission proposal came from the United States

In the assessments of the visa crisis between Turkey and the United States, President Erdogan said the proposal for the Commission to build the US 39;d is the most.

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Erdogan: Commission proposal came from the United States

Speaking on plane return, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan evaluated visa crisis between Turkey and United States.

"There are fetuses in US consulates," Erdogan said, pointing to US ambassador as cause of visa crisis.

"These are not diplomats, y're agents. Similar agents are in America right now, and those agents are in a very tight relationship with Congress. All of this is in middle, "Erdogan said, noting that US" detainees are not being interviewed by lawyers ", bun's or his family has no claim until October 10th, and" If that happens, we have a certain attitude. His family can also see his lawyer, of course, "he said.

Erdogan, allegations of retaliation "Turkey is state of law, no retaliation" responded in form.

Erdogan, who criticized arrests in United States, "for example, my citizen went to gates with his wife, detained. It's been two years, and y haven't been arraigned yet. They're making custody decisions about my 13 bodyguards. Besides, some of this never went to United States. These are not acceptable things, "he said.

Erdogan also talks about developments in Syria and operation of Idlib, "Idlib continues in a healthy way. If necessary, re are steps to be taken. But I don't need to talk about Afrin. He's already under control. We have no tolerance for slightest mistake in Afrin. " He used ir statements.


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