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Erdogan to 3 mayors: Do as Topbaş (there is a Gokcek)

Evaluating the process of change in municipalities, President Erdogan, 160; said it was experiencing problems and pointed out the example of Kadir Topbaş by giving 3 provinces name: quo; Let them be polite like him... quo;

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Erdogan to 3 mayors: Do as Topbaş (there is a Gokcek)

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, return of Serbia on plane, in process of change in municipalities in some provinces said y had problems and gave an example of resignation of Kadir Topbas.

"Do it like him," Erdogan said, "I think some of our friends should not be disturbed. On contrary, if our administration has made such a decision, if it is to give, it will show courtesy as mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Therefore, it strengns movement. " Erdogan answered questions of journalists on plane, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek was asked to discuss. In interview, museum project to be held against complex Erdogan, stating that process of change has been raised, he said. Erdogan, " event is not only in personel of Melih Bey. In this regard, re is a change in some places in our party. Because in March 2019 elections, we want our friends to reveal top management of our party, especially where such changes should be. Said.

The question of wher re is a province outside Ankara and Balikesir among troubled provinces, Erdogan responded to "Bursa", stressing that next week will take final decision in talks, and "we are against past time and tolerate . "

Erdogan, criticism of process of change was reminded.

"I'm sorry, but y go with choice, but y don't come with independent elections," he said, adding, and, of course, y come here as a result of pre-elections and so forth. And so, you're going to be mayor for 20 years, 23 years, 24 years, and in some places, three-term mayoral. There's no such thing as an Iliev to stay here. "


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