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Erhan Çelik has said goodbye to TRT

TRT 1 main news anchor Çelik left TRT. In the steel farewell speech, you can look at this as a blood exchange. Hopefully, "he said.

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Erhan Çelik has said goodbye to TRT

TRT 1 main news announcer Erhan Çelik left TRT.

TRT 1 said farewell to main news of steel, "I thank TRT community, especially general manager Ibrahim Eren. You can also look at this as a blood change. Hopefully, "he used his statements.

Who is Erhan Çelik?

Erhan Çelik, who came to world on 2 September 1972 in Ankara Pollılda, completes high school and highschool Pollylda. The profession of artist completing university education by reading Department of Business is news anchor. The 44-year-old announcer's marriage to Ilknur Türker has a son named Kayra Çelik. In 2013 he was divorced from Ilknur Türker and a year later he sat at wedding table with famous artist Gülben Ergen. John Chapman This marriage cannot be extended for a long time and binary is divorced on December 6, 2016. He started his career in Ankara Polatlı which opened in 90s. The announcer, who offers main news on Polatlı television, is night correspondent of TGRT Ankara News Bureau in 1996.


Reha was taken to his team during his career at summit of Muhtar's announcer and now works at SHOW TV Ankara News Bureau. A news report is misspelled by Reha Muhtar. Meanwhile, Erhan Çelik, who has eliminated his military, starts working on Channel 7 Television in 2000. In this channel for 7 years, ' ' This is ' ' reality show, ' ' Pier Sancak ' ' and main news bulletins presented. Erhan Çelik, who passed Haberturk channel in 2013, was appointed as general broadcaster of canal in 2014. While executing this task, announcer Erhan Celik, who also took responsibility for Show TV news, left both of his duties as of 2015. As of July 27, 2016, main news of TRT 1 channel, Erhan Celik announced on October 6, 2017, leaving TRT.


play 00:43 Erhan Çelik said farewell to TRT TRT 1 main news anchor Erhan Çelik said goodbye to TRT 1. "I am saying goodbye to TRT 1 main newsletter, which I have maintained with you for a year and a half. On this occasion I know a debt of gratitude to TRT community. You can call it a blood change, "he said. Comment

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