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Erna Solberg, a la Angela Merkel, noruega

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Erna Solberg, a la Angela Merkel, noruega

Among its challenges, negotiate to form a new coalition, which will be weaker than previous one

The centre-right will continue to rule in Norway

To Erna Solberg tend to call it "Merkel norway". The first minister is comfortable with simile: he admires German chancellor, with whom I share political ideology. But comparisons are odious and in this case distant. Erna Solberg was re-elected in parliamentary election on Monday, when 89 seats went to bloc of centre-right in front of 80's who won center-left, who leads a Labour Party in its darkest hours.

it is True that prime minister achieved a historic milestone, because in scandinavian country no conservative leader had managed to win a second period from three decades ago. And, in fact, if you end legislature would be first to do so since introduction of parliamentary system in NINETEENTH century, but feat is far from four mandates that could shackle Angela Merkel next September 24.

re Was a time in which also called "Iron Erna" for his unwavering position with regard to immigration, but years and power -even companies, as ir governmental partner has been populist Progress Party of controversial rhetoric of anti-immigrant - have softened ir image to convert it into a policy straightforward.

With her it is more easy to identify with his opponent. The labour party, Jonas Gahr Støre was born multi-millionaire, was educated at SciencesPo -cradle of elite French-, he completed his studies at London School of Economics, and served in Geneva headquarters of United Nations after Foreign minister with Jens Stoltenberg, current secretary general of NATO. Just strange not to be able to mobilise rank and file of his party, working class.

But "Super Jonas" as he was nicknamed in his day, nobody has caught playing Pokemon Go in Parliament. Solberg (declared fan of Candy Crahs) yes. He was not afraid to admit his dyslexia when a citizen made a comment in your page of Facebook so bad that I was writing a text.

Qualified intelligent and competitive, election results of this political veteran has been endorsed by economic growth in a legislature that had to face two simultaneous challenges: In 2014, oil crisis, main industry of country, and massive influx of refugees that affected all of Europe, a year after.

So he raised her same after knowing winner: "We have won support for four more years because we gave what we promised, and also because we weared tough challenges," he said in Oslo. Although he was cautious: "We have challenges ahead of us. The benefits of oil are going to be low. We must all be responsible", he added.

In search of a new coalition

Numerically, support has decreased with respect to 2013 elections. And also that of his partner in Government, an exultant Party of Progress, as well as that of ir allies point: liberals and christian democrats. According to latter, election results were a "vote of confidence" to prime minister, in words of leader of christian party, so it came out "heavy", according to liberals.

The reality is that we don't have it easy. Now it's time to negotiate to form a new coalition, which will be weaker than previous one. The political disagreements between so-called four-party 'borgerlig' (bourgeois) are known and have been in evidence in past, especially in fields of environment and refugees.

The conservative party Solberg, Høyre, coincides with populist Progress Party in lowering of taxes as an economic stimulus. Don't agree in relation to public expenditure. The first minister has already announced that it will be moderate, while ir partners are prone to pulling sovereign wealth fund of country.

The previous Government was, in fact, first to do so, because until n million from national oil industry - background just to overcome trillion dollars - it is saved to ensure pensions of future generations when era fossil is history.

So, christian democrats claimed yesterday that will be part of opposition. This, which has left more enhanced in se elections, will be anor obstacle for next Government of Solberg. Although in number y have won labour (49 seats against 45 Høyre), big winner was Party of Center, training of agricultural origin hostile to European Union and free trade agreements that it maintains with Norway, to almost double its deputies.


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