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EU does not engage us

President Erdogan, the EU, which acts hypocritical against Turkey this time called from Poland: If you will not take the job, tell me. Neither we engage you nor engage us. Let's tie it up. We're not going to be the ones who escaped from the pulpit. We await their decision, "he said.

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EU does not engage us

President Tayyip Erdogan, who went to Poland to make official contacts, met with his counterpart, Andrzej Duda. The two leaders held a joint press conference in presidential palace after negotiations between head and delegations.

Talks have had opportunity to address relations between two countries, Erdogan said, stressing that Poland supports provisional membership of 2018-2019 BMGK. Noting that Turkey has always recognised independence and sovereignty of dialect in history, Erdogan said that trade volume between two countries is $6 billion and that it should subtract $10 billion.

They put chapters to 35.

"Poland is in European Union, we are not in European Union, Poland supports us, but year 63, year 2017," Erdogan said:


"Turkey is still not taken to European Union. However, most of countries taken in process after our application are not compared to us. When we put chapters on table, for example, I'd join Prime Minister's summit, re were 15 chapters, and n y took se chapters to 35, and you know what caused it?

They can't decide

Turkey is not able to enter here. Some even said ' privileged partnership ', some said ' not possible '. Of course, I always say, "If you don't take it, explain it. Let us keep you busy, and we will not engage you. They're not making a decision. We say, "We won't be ones who escaped from cushion." We await ir decision. "


They're still stalling us.

Erdogan, Latin American countries do not have any visas, comfortable and comfortable to go to European countries, "Turkey negotiators country, but Turkey cannot come, such nonsense? There's a strange thing here. I say, "You have to express m from European Union Member States, friends." At end of 2013 se visas would rise, signatures were discarded, but y are still stalling us from that day, "he said.

Invitation to Polonezkoy

The mayor of Polonezkoy, which is also on this trip, Erdogan, invited to Turkey to Polish President Duda, "Mr. President ' when he arrives in Turkey, let's go to Polonezkoy. I'd like you to see it in place. " Erdogan, in Poland, conveyed proposal to establish friendship monuments, all kinds of support related to se issues will be carried out in Poland with Tika, he noted. Before joint press conference, Erdogan and Duda in presence of some ministries and institutions between two countries signed an agreement in 5 areas.


Gurbetçiler, President Erdogan ' Man of Nation R. T. Erdogan ' poster and love shows welcomed.

We were empowered to attempt treason

Erdogan, "Turkey-Poland Business Forum" held at Westin Hotel, stressed that Europe's two major, strong and economic performances, as well as countries that filled eyes of this intimate friendship, said it would continue to grow stronger . Erdogan, who spoke of breakthrough in 15 years of Turkey, progress towards development and growth, while many obstacles emerged in attention. Erdogan, " coup initiative that we experienced on night of July 15th of last year is one of m. We were able to suppress attempted coup of treason in our army as a nation at expense of 250 martyrs and 2,000 193 veterans who targeted our democracy, our independence and our future.


Poland Black Day Our friend

The courage of our nation, our democracy and our economy, with support of our friends, such as Poland, has been strengned by this treacherous attack, "he said. Erdogan, defence industry, banking, energy, contracting, automotive and subsidiary industry, textile, furniture, health tourism, agriculture and livestock, underlining that day is day to achieve higher objectives in bilateral economic relations, and addressing businessmen. Infrastructure, environmental and waste management, chemicals, logistics such as areas should be given priority, he said. Pointing out that businessmen of both countries have power to bring m to life, Erdogan stressed that mutual investments should be increased.


Dede Master Surprise

There was a surprise at welcoming ceremony at presidential palace. Turkey and Polish national anms were stolen after two presidents understood ir place in ceremonial area. Erdogan and Duda oversee ceremonial continent. Erdogan hailed ceremonial continent by saying "Hello Soldier." Two presidents n shook hands and posed to journalists. During welcoming ceremony of two presidents, some of countries were greeted by ambassadors of military band Dede Effendi's "Ey Büt-I Nev EDA".

EU should do its part

Stressing that Poland has always supported Turkey's desire to join European Union (EU), Duda stressed that Turkey and EU believe that roads will be cut. "As a result of steps to be taken, Turkey will have full accession to EU, full membership will be. Because Turkey has been conducting se negotiations for a long time. In 1963, it is expected to join in framework of se efforts officially begun. Turkey is showing a great effort in this direction, "he said. Underlining that Turkey is a very important partner for EU, Duda thanked Turkey's contributions in resolving refugee crisis. "The Turkish State is fulfilling its obligations. I hope EU will also fulfil obligations of this issue against Turkey, "he said.

  • Ohal extended for 3 months
  • The Prime Minister's sis on extension of extraordinary State (Ohal) for 3 months was adopted at General Assembly of Parliament. After July 15th coup initiative, country, which was announced on 20 July 2016, was extended to Parliament for fifth time yesterday. In this decision, Ohal application will continue to be at least 18 months in total until 19 January midnight, valid from 01.00 on Thursday, October 19th.
  • Bozdag: Ohal not Zorfish
  • "Our goal is not to citizen, but to government that manages state and public institutions and organisations tasked with effective fight against terrorism, and people who are working here," said Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag, who spoke in Assembly for extension of Ohal. Bozdag stated that he would rise in ohal when necessary conditions were eliminated, "Ohal is not a form of tyranny, Ohal is a constitutional legal order. There's a terror attack every day. The state will protect itself, of course, law of its citizens, "he said.


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