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Firuz, winged, explained that the Feö wanted tribute

The firm, which established ETI and became a big brand, lost his life in the hospital where he was treated with poultry. His first and only interview with the winged New dawn in 2014, he explained that he wanted tribute from the fetus in 1996. Winged, ' We do not sell the product ' said he stood against the fetuses.

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Firuz, winged, explained that the Feö wanted tribute

ETI Companies Honorary president and ETI Makine Board Chairman Firuz Poultry, is under treatment, Eskişehir Acıbadem Hospital has lost his life.

He gave his first and only interview with Firuz Poultry, who founded ETI and made it a big brand, to Emeti Saruhan for New Dawn Sunday Supplement. During interview in 2014, Winged had raised many unknown stories in face of day.

In an interview with Firuz Poultry, he also shared with all details that he wanted tribute from fetus.

If we interfere with sale of Eti, y will make us a commitment, and we'll give you Icazet or you can't sell us.

"They asked me to take Icazet"

In 1996 of poultry's descriptions of what happened in following:


"We started distributing our own cars to metropolitan, but after a while we had to go to distributorship. Because Ülker, we've always had our biggest rival, went to a distributor, and we had to pass. There is a large distributor on Kadikoy side of Istanbul, where we gave him area. But we looked at it. "We expect better than you," we call him. One day, if you can't get an Icazet from Fethullah Gülen Hodja, I can't sell your property. I'm sorry, ' he said.

  • From Fethullah Gülen?
  • Yes. 1996 year of Ramadan. We started selling well in Istanbul. I said, "How to get an Icazet." ' It gives Iftar at Ciragan Palace. Go over re and meet teacher, deal. Hodja will give us Icazet, we'll give wholesalers Icazet. We can sell your biscuits like that. Do it now, ' he said. I thought it was weird, but let's just go. Went. I came to a jeweler friend who I knew very well. We've been hassbial. Hodja wasn't sick that night. But as his representative in Istanbul, Ihsan Kalkavan Bey spoke. He gave me a lecture. Peace Manço came too. He traveled to schools in Russia. He spoke very respectfully. We listened. After dinner, we kept talking, and re was a paper.

What kind of papers?

We've got a list. Somewhere in mosque, a school somewhere... It's 500 thousand lira. The following is required; You're going to get one on list. ' I want $50 thousand lira, I want 100 thousand lira, ' he chooses, and you sign your commitment re. I'm sorry about friend I'm with. We say, "Let's Think." It's not a sympatic man for us who wants Icazet. I'm doing my trade in an honest way. I never go into politics. You're going to give me some icazet and I'm going to sell my property. Now I do not know if this still exists?


"Thank God we made our sale again"

How did you overcome that barrier?

We haven't. We found someone else and agreed with him. Because he's got instructions. He was selling meat well in Istanbul. If we interfere with sale of Eti, y will make us a commitment, and we'll give you Icazet or you can't sell us. We gave it to someone else. Thank God we made our sale again. "

Agenda ETI wrote Book of brand made prayer

The founder of economy of flesh lost his life winged Firuz


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