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Fraud to the catalans

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Fraud to the catalans

Respect demonstrators, but not Government that threatens, manipulates and lies

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The national Day is celebrated on Monday, ushering in street, as from decades ago. Also in various appointments, among which stood out, as long a five years, convened by entities nationalists at expense and with support of media of Government, secessionist.

The right to demonstrate freely and peacefully is essential in a democracy. The reiteration of large demonstrations reaffirms that, despite abusive rhetoric secessionist, Spain is an advanced democracy (always perfectible) and continues to act according to its rules.

The citizens who yesterday exercised ir right to deserve refore all respect. Anor thing is misuse that y can do, and do, organizers. And above all, institution that should be whole of Catalan society —not just a fragment of same, important as that may be— as Government of Generalitat.

is Not an excuse for crime nor a barometer of democratic amount of protesters

The obsession to convert demonstrations on demonstrations of strength is worrying. Not only because participants did not increase from one exercise to anor; not only because it is counted as a militant of cause even to children; not only because y tend to go to call main people who vote differently. But because amount of attendees has never been a barometer of democracy: re has been large-scale protests in history of different countries, in addition to our for all tastes, among m populists and seconded to or causes that are not a source of pride.

Clear that a courtship can be (and was) rmometer of legitimate aspirations: to be a national reaffirmation; a rejection of particular policies, or a claim of self-government to fullest; even to support (erroneous) output of independence.

But a certain degree of heat is popular is no excuse for unlawful actions of institutions; no shield laws, authoritarian, and or measures that have been suspended by appropriate court of law; no mask collective abets commission of any crime individual of ir rulers. Enough already with attempts of Government to manipulate “people”, to “our people”, “als nostres”, “ gent of house”, and or inducements to contempt and exclusion of lukewarm, critics or dissidents.

Nobody forbids to vote to catalans, y have done so since 1977, on 38 occasions, all legal.

The official event of yesterday is act of certification by end of smiles; pretence of unanimity; log of fragmentation of Catalan society; ceremony which portrays a Catalonia split. Because sectarianism of organizers has multiplied, have already forgotten to right to decide to pay directly rupture abruptly.

And because a Government that has decided to stop be of all has littered with proclamations dividing and divisive; distinguishing supporters of its referendum illegal of ors, who denigrates m as “subjects”; by inciting verbal assaults and public protest against mayors who are not faithful, but loyal to Estatut; pressing and insulting to newspaper editors for publishing stories, while organizing riots in defense of a printing press and a magazine investigated for alleged action criminal to print illegal material, and not, as has been deceived, for defending freedom of expression. So Executive president Carles Puigdemont accelerates to become a problem of public order, after incarnating an issue of public morality, and not only by stewardship policy, several of its members (spokesperson, Jordi Turull, responsible of Interior, Joaquim Forn, among ors) in era of corruption pujolista.

The Government deceive, as he deceived campaign for Brexit. It is false that its claim to secession support of international law (that is to colonies or countries under foreign occupation); that Penal Code does not punish malfeasance or contempt of court (punishable); Spain to “steal” Catalan people (as did some of leaders of nationalists who preceded him); that prohibits m from voting, when y have been involved since 1977 in 38 calls election and referendarias: all of m legal.

it Is false that re is no alternative to referendum. There is, Estatut and its reinforcement and/or constitutional reform. False that only Parliament can disqualify president, can do it justice, because it is a power in a State of law with separation of powers. False that referendum is suspended to be “legal and with all guarantees”: it is illegal and lacks of census, policy support, electoral authority according to Charter, of any of conditions dictated by Council of Europe.

Catalonia is relevant today for effort from catalans. And because this anchors in a Spain free and dignified: if it is democratically suspect, EU would put under a magnifying glass, such as Poland or Hungary. And would veto a rupture that desordenase (for first time!) borders of 1945 in what is today EU (thing different are those arising from collapse of soviet and yugoslavian). Never Catalonia has been more successful. Or it would be if you choose to automutilarse and bust a substantive part of Europe.

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