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Gallardon paid for 112 security cameras of the M-30 that failed to be installed

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Gallardon paid for 112 security cameras of the M-30 that failed to be installed

The City of Now Madrid estimated at 1.3 million euros, amount paid as "totally unjustified" by devices non-existent

Open six records at Madrid Calle 30 for embezzling 22 million

The circulation in tunnels of M-30 should be supervised by a closed circuit of television composed by 1.090 security cameras. That was, at least, number of units that were budgeted and paid to company awarded contract for works.

however, in inventory of infrastructure planned under mandate of Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón (PP) contained only 978 of above-mentioned devices. According to calculations of Area of Economy and Finance of city Council of Madrid, amount to be paid "completely unjustified" by installation of some equipment that did not come to be carried out would be to € 1.3 million.

This is one of issues which will be discussed today at commission of inquiry to clarify financial situation of Madrid Calle 30, management company of mixed -80% of capital is of Consistory and 20% of private company Emesa - in-charge of maintenance of tunnels of ring road. The third session of this regulatory agency will focus on analysis of contract of works and ir subsequent modifications "with a budget much higher than initial".

Among changes made in that contract is subject of cameras. Although at first it was planned as installation of 591 in interior of tunnels and to inputs and outputs, figure was increased.

In third modification of works plan is where we produce "most suspect" and that "could be subject of irregularities," according to municipal sources. On one hand, installation of safety devices "are deleted from many projects" of nine sections in which is divided jobs but without cutting back budgets of same.

"most of The cameras have been certified toger in complementary project underground between Marqués de Monistrol and Puente de Segovia", listed in Area of Economy and Finance, directed by Carlos Sánchez Mato. "The implementation of cameras of M-30, already referred to in your original project, could not under any circumstances constitute an element of complementary projects of work and, much less, that complementary project of a work to certify chambers of or tranches of work," he added.

According to same sources, with this operation allegedly failed to comply with Law of Contracts of Public Administrations and produced "which in colloquial language would be a 'money-laundering'": has been budgeted for installation of equipment in several games, finally most are provided with anor additional item, and budget initially planned to be used for or purposes, paying allegedly twice for cameras, for purposes of accounts.

Regarding difference between total number of cameras that were paid and those that were installed in reality, 112 less than anticipated, city Council point out that quantization is "really complex" (re's that added cost of equipment, casing, wiring,...) with an average amount estimated per unit of 11,000 euros. "You can talk about compost 1.342.000 euros so totally unjustified" concluded.



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