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Gun criticism from Cavusoglu to the United States

Last minute News-Foreign Minister Cavusoglu, now the operation of Rakka ends. We'll see that these serial numbers get their weapons back...

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Gun criticism from Cavusoglu to the United States
Gun criticism from Cavusoglu AA Agenda News entry date: 4.10.2017 11:26 "Now operation of Rakka ends. We'll see if y can get those serial numbers back on ir weapons. Our President, who had not previously been in Iraq, told Trump very clearly, "he said.

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu, AA correspondent on agenda in evaluation.

The election results in Germany said that "Turkey's opposition is not voting," Cavusoglu said, contrary to this attitude, Turks did not vote for social parties.

"Now, if you go to AfD (alternative to democracy) line, our citizens will vote or not. Not only because of our citizens, but for wrong policies, vote has decreased, "Cavusoglu said in a phone call with counterpart Sigmar Gabriel, now that election is over and how to carry out bilateral relations in a realistic way They said y had to focus. Minister Cavusoglu, continued as follows:

"Today, we'll see him on phone again tomorrow. So it's important that this dialogue continues. Sometimes it is important to discuss low-level technical, sensitive subjects, but, of course, high-level contacts are important to take steps. These steps are also discarded after preparations are made. We always say; We never looked at negative in Germany, and re's no reason to look. No matter how strong Germany is, it's good for us. It is good for our nearly 4 million citizens, and it is good for Turkey. Germany is our first trading partner and its investments are in middle. Again, we have a serious cooperation with Germany in many areas. What would benefit us from evil of Germany. That's how we look, but Germany needs to see us as a country, not as a country to compete with. So economic war has no use for Germany or us. Germany needs to be in forefront of economic cooperation. "

Mevlüt Cavusoglu said Germany should now accept Turkey as an equal partner.

"Is re a summit between two countries in near future", Minister Cavusoglu responded to question, "Why not?" responded. Cavusoglu, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and German chancellor Angela Merkel have already interviewed at every opportunity stressed.

Minister Cavusoglu, government to be established in Germany on question of impact of relations with Turkey, coalition culture in Europe is better than coalition culture in Turkey, he stressed. Neverless, Merkel's Party and or parties have very serious opinions and policy differences, noting that Cavusoglu, refore, difficulty of forming a trilateral coalition. Even if trilateral Coalition was set to be very difficult to handle, Cavusoglu said that re are serious differences in fundamental policies among parties, but still not clear what will happen.

"The United States must restrict individual armament"

Also evaluating terror attack in Las Vegas, Cavusoglu reminded us that this is not first attack in United States. The former president Barack Obama said administration would have some measures concerning individual armaments, but Republicans were opposed to such measures, Cavusoglu, a very serious threat to United States of individual armament , hence need for a limitation on this issue.

Minister Cavusoglu, a while back to United States, a visit to United States of America, he told his buddies about threat of anti-Americanism. Cavusoglu noted following:

"There are two main reasons for this, YWG and Feö. We're going to have to get through this. " Now Rakka operation is running out. We'll see if y can get those serial numbers back on ir weapons. Our President, who was unable to do this in Iraq before, told Trump last time we met very clearly. It's not just economic burden of America to think about. Wher y are worth much more than how much money is worth giving... and provision of se weapons is essentially a very important risk for future of Syria. Why are we in Syria? On one hand, we're trying to stop war since first day, we're trying to stop terror from or side. You gave YWG a gun here. YWG will try to divide country. This time with central government, Government will continue conflicts no matter who. When conflict continues, re will still be chaos in or parts, re are risks. Likewise, who will benefit from this environment, radical groups, again terrorist organisations, vicious cycle continues to emerge. "

The biggest cause of problems currently in Iraq is fact that US is leaving administration of this place, repeatedly warns that despite fact that it is giving wrong people Cavusoglu, said same mistake was done in Syria. The US and or countries have expressed that Syria supports border integrity and is opposed to division, "Cavusoglu said," even if you are sincere about this, you are essentially doing opposite of steps that you are doing, or opposite of this stance You are assisting in formation of Syria, "he said.


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