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' He raised pistachios in the Siof the Mediterranean

In Kahramanmaraş, where the Mediterranean climate is influential, the citizens of the Mediterranean Sia farmer in Afsin District, 43 years ago...

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' He raised pistachios in the Siof the Mediterranean
"Siof Mediterranean," he raised pistachios AA Life News Introduction Date: 4.10.2017 12:15 Date of renovation: 4.10.2017 12:21 in Kahramanmaraş, where Mediterranean climate is influential, a farmer in district of Afsin, called "Siof Mediterranean", 43 A year ago, menenghic planted pistachios by inoculated trees.

Ihsan Zinkıniran, who lives in Afsin, was planted on 8 acres by his far-in-law in Alimpinar District in 1974, 80 menengic tree, despite warnings that citizens "do not grow peanuts here, try" to vaccinate pistachios.

After vaccine, regular care and spraying of trees, Zinkıkıkıkıran, last year 200 kilograms of yield of pistachios trees are waiting 800 kilograms of product this year.

Zinkıkıkıkıran, a statement to AA correspondent, 43-year menengic trees, antep pistachio and regularly maintained that he told.

In 2016, first product of trees, 200 kilograms of pistachios, said y gared chain, which aims to harvest around 800 kilograms of products this year.

"Siberia", called Afşafışışışık pistachios, which voicing pleasing for mselves, said:

"It's not uncommon for pistachios to grow in 300 thousand, but we're now picking up our peanuts from our garden. We want to expand our garden even furr. Over time we gained experience in maintenance and spraying. With support of our Directorate of food farming and livestock in Afsin District, peanut trees can spread all over afsin. We proved that peanut could catch up in Afsin. I invite our farmers in afsin to our garden. Let m look, examine m. I believe that this product will benefit in cultivation of our county. I'm ready to help as best I can. "

"Our peanuts have kept it pretty good"

Afşin food, agriculture and livestock manager Muttalip Kurt also stressed that warm climate of pistachios, winters in a harsh geography was a great success.

It is a perception that pistachios can only be cultivated in Souastern Anatolia region, said wolf, " climate of pistachios is very wide, ' thousand 200 meters of altitude of winter in a rough geography of pistachio does not grow. ' We all see that perception is wrong. Our pistachios have kept it pretty good. Our farmer has made first harvest, and after that, he expects crops to be matured, "he said.

The product quality of peanut grown in Afşin is high, noting that Kurt, record of what y saw in garden, expressed itself as a surprise. Kurt, "Both inner occupancy and size are pretty good. Hopefully we'll continue to develop. We hope that amount of peanut Dikili takes 8 decarties to 80 and 800 Dekar, and I want to say that we will do our work in this direction. We're with our farmers. We will support it as much as possible, from fertilization to fumigation. Apart from our knowledge, we will contact our ministry's institutes in places of expertise and ask to investigate peanut incident in this region, "he said.


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