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He walked five hours with the corpse of his beloved.

Gaziantep 39; TE businessman 38-year-old Friday beet, who wants to leave her boyfriend Arzu Gültekin 39; I shot and killed two hands with a pistol in the luxury car and drove around the city for about 5 hours with the body.

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He walked five hours with the corpse of his beloved.

In Gaziantep organized industrial zone, staple and cotton workshop, Friday beet, met in lunch hours and for a long time with 31-year-old Arzu Gültekin ate in a cafeteria in pond of Alleben.

Friday beetroot, desire to leave himself forced to put luxury car of Gültekin. In debate on vehicle, beets fired at head of Arzu Gültekin with an unlicensed pistol. Gültekin lost his life with two bullets hitting his head, and car's front door window broke.

Beetroot, after incident, along with body of car in city with blood and broken glass car, police reported.

The police Department of Police Headquarters, who acted on notice, has launched a large-scale investigation in last areas of vehicle. The teams identified license plate from record of Mobese cameras, and finally found that vehicle was seen in path of zodiac. On top of that, teams in area of narrow area application, luxury car with body of Arzu Gültekin, which is found on Friday, 2 hours after tip of castle was spotted near neighborhood. The vehicle, which was stopped, was detained for about 5 hours in city with body of Beet, which was determined Friday. Gültekin's body was taken to forensic medicine institution for autopsy after examination.

Crime file Fluffy

The first statement of safe Friday, beet, who wants to leave after dinner, Arzu Gültekin fire with a pistol in car, however, said he did not remember. On ongoing interrogation of safe Friday, beetroot, ' Mala damage, threatening, license weapons carrying and wounding ' records were determined to be found.


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