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Hearing the sound couldn't believe their eyes... no one raced

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Hearing the sound couldn't believe their eyes... no one raced

Dikilitaş Emirhan street, Besiktas astonished those who saw incident, which occurred yesterday afternoon. According to information obtained, parked his car where driver was a woman who wants to remove it from threw it in gear. Accidentally get back in gear and vehicle vehicle driver is going at speed pressure on gas, he remained suspended between apartment and street.The street between apartment and woman saw that she was still in vehicle and vehicle was hanging from driver to status of firefighters and citizens who are informed. The firefighters saved woman driver trapped inside car on crime scene. Then connecting street between apartment and hanging rope was removed from place where it is trapped by tool. moment of event on camera of vehicle that was hanging between apartment and street moment moment-to-moment was reflected in camera. In image, woman is trying to get out from place where he parked car and driver. Anor woman helps to remove directing Agent a driver. In an instant vehicle is going backwards rapidly out of control. The vehicle seems to remain suspended between sidewalk and building.


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