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Hillary Clinton declares "convinced" that Vladimir Putin helped Donald Trump in the election

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Hillary Clinton declares "convinced" that Vladimir Putin helped Donald Trump in the election

Accuses president of being "reconverted gulf of tabloid press in crazy full of conspiracies of right - "

Says Donald Trump "is a danger for country and for world."

"This is story of what happened. The story of what I saw, felt, and thought during two most intense years of my life."

With such a declaration of principles starts 'What happened' (What Happened), third book of memoirs of Hillary Clinton, who arrives just after 'Hard Choices' (hard Decisions), published in 2013. 'Hard Choices', whose sales were disappointing, it was a book prepared for what was supposed to be closing for a triumphant career of Hillary: presidential election of 2016. Your next memories should come after 2020 or, better, of 2024, when she would have left White House.

instead, it has come to 'What Happened', a title that is a declaration of intentions failed, because it is, rar, a story about what didn't happen. Clinton declares that "in this book, I write about occasions of campaign that I would like to return to live to act anor way". A 'mea culpa' which is immediately swept up by following phrase: "If russians could hack my subconscious, you would find a long list" of those moments.

Putin, Bernie Sanders (his rival in democratic nomination), Jim Comey (FBI director), media... Clinton explains through all of m what happened. The inevitable consequence is that she had little guilt in his defeat in elections. So it's like a part of criticism in US has seen book. The book to which you all speak and write, but that no one has had time to read. And perhaps no one will ever end.

Because 469 pages are too many, Hillary will not connect at emotional level and, with e-book, each one searches for word that you want and to know how many times it comes out. "What press?" 66 times. "Did you Trump?" 532. "What Error?" 33.

So Clinton is not self-criticism. When newspaper 'USA Today' he asked, on occasion of controversy over possible collusion of campaign of Trump with Government of Vladimir Putin, replied: "I Am convinced of it".

If instead of a story of a political campaign 'What Happened' would have been a play or a Hollywood blockbuster, Hillary would have been Salieri, and Trump, Mozart. In end, two ended up badly. But Story only reminds of Mozart. Hillary Clinton, despite all his acumen political, has not understood something as basic as that "politics is entertainment for ugly people". A phrase that is Roger Stone, a friend, confidant, and campaign advisor to Donald Trump.

Trump: "Without ideology beyond his own ego"

For Hillary (Salieri), Trump (Mozart) is evil: "A real and present danger and imminent for country and for world", without "ideology beyond his own ego", and that "has been transformed from gulf of tabloid press in crazy full of conspiracies of right" with a "war on truth" that compares to that of "Soviet Union, when he erased dissidents of photos", or that described by George Orwell in his classic 1984.

Many democrats share view of Hillary that, at end of day, brought 2.6 million more votes than Trump. But former candidate extends his criticisms to press and, above all, his rival for democratic nomination, independent Bernie Sanders, who says that "I don't know if it mattered or not," to ignite a civil war in party that would end up placing to Trump where it is now: in Oval Office.

Paradoxically, Clinton mentioned, but without realizing its significance, its capital error: "I was conducting a traditional campaign with policy proposals that are carefully created and coalitions painstakingly built, while Trump was doing a 'reality show' that by careful and incessant fed fury and resentment of americans. I was giving speeches in which he described how to solve country's problems. He was raving on Twitter". Again, Roger Stone.

Hillary supports a few specific errors, among m, accept and give speeches to investment bank Goldman Sachs (which, paradoxically, derives a large part of cabinet of Trump), and, in end, book is a mere succession of small failures, until it reaches bloodbath election. She herself acknowledges at beginning when, faced with question of what happened, replies: "it is Not mine to explain it: I do not have detachment necessary and I'm too involved in it." Hillary Clinton, as smart, as cunning, fails to do introspection. In that, it looks like Donald Trump.


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