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How much punishment will the Emrah Saunders be?

Last minute news-screenwriter Emrah Serif caused a family to disappear. After the life of the father and the girl...

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How much punishment will the Emrah Saunders be?
How much punishment will Emrah Saunders be? SABAH Internet Agenda News Introduction Date: 5.10.2017 13:30 update Date: 5.10.2017 13:33 Se The traffic accident caused by narist Emrah Serbes caused a family to disappear. After far and daughter lost her life, mor Nilgun Ozcelik was sent to his last journey. The only surviving member of family at funeral, Ahmet Mert Ozcelik could barely stand. How much punishment will it take for alleged alcoholic, night of accident, who disappeared after he framed someone else? The number of people who lost ir lives on road and three of m will affect punishment.

In morning. com. TR responded to se questions of criminal lawyer Ulvi urging:

There are serious allegations

As far as public has been reflected in car accident involving driver of Emrah Serif, death of two people, including far and daughter, was caused by severe injury to mor. The severely injured mor died in hospital. Emrah Serbes is person who drove vehicle n emerged with his own confession, and re are allegations of crimes such as decision-making, crime-taking.

Punishable by up to 15 years

In this case, 85/2 is law numbered 5237. In accordance with article "Killing taxi" will be judged due to crime. According to this crime, person who caused death of more than one person or multiple deaths with one or more people is sentenced to a prison sentence of two years to fifteen years. The fault of perpetrator in determining basic punishment, weight of damage that occurred, where crime was committed and time will be taken into consideration; Due to deaths of 3 people, it is likely that perpetrator is also liable for a punishment by moving away from lower border if it is primary defect.

Conscious cab can be increased to half if decision is made

In addition, driver is considered to be intoxicated, reasons such as excessive velocity act as "conscious tactics" in accordance with Supreme Court decisions. Conscious tactics; It can be described as believing that perpetrator can predict outcome, but that outcome will not be realized for reasons of its own experience, attention, etc. If perpetrator is to be informed that he is acting with a conscious tactic, it is 22/3 of law numbered 5237. The basic penalty to be given in accordance with article will be increased to half of a third.

It is not possible to withdraw announcement of provision.

If penalty to be given is more than 2 years, it will not be possible to withdraw disclosure of postponement or provision, but options such as turning on a monetary penalty in event of a conscious tactic are not allowed.


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