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‘I change of decade’, a cardboard stone

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‘I change of decade’, a cardboard stone

In new reality of Antena 3 everything seems a bit forced, but it is admirable his didactic intention

The Candle Cedena, are a family very much in TWENTY-first century. So much so that three children (well, one is a cousin) older people do not know name of astronaut's most famous story after getting to moon. Even think that famous images narrated to Spain by Jesus Hermida are crappy. Or that, after learning how it could be (not as it was) Spain of sixties, drop phrases such as: "I liked world without technology, to be able to hold a book and read it", as if y were not allowed to do it today or not compatible with being hooked to mobile. This family is protagonist of reality I change from decade, that Antena 3 premiered on Monday night with a mixture of nostalgia and cardboard stone that hisses a lot, although it has its virtues.

In program, presented by ubiquitous and always near Arturo Valls, this family moves into a house set, as if y were in sixties (in future programs of same family will travel to seventies, eighties and nineties) and should live as if y were in that decade. And learn that re is no fridge (by look of house, could have allowed that yes y existed n and it seems a wealthy family) but a fresquera ("yuck", says one of girls to see fresh fish) or, and here is where it works well program as alert teaching, that machismo of today has its basis in a few years that was normal.

But it all smells a bit fake on Me change of decade. Or at least it all seems a bit forced. The casting is good, family has a personality, but note too that everything is a script ( far, who by way gives feeling that it does not work and just be devoted to letting women do everything in-house, it seems a walking encyclopedia of that era). It is admirable intention of teaching program, wher or not it is appropriate at all what count. But to understand how it was that time, better to talk with your parents, with your grandparents, with ir great-grandparents! And read books between a message and anor in Twitter or Facebook. And see movies of Berlanga, Camus or Saura of those years. You will understand just as well and not look like papier-mâché.


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