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' I do not know Gülen ' said Kemal Batmaz's stay in his house documented

Last minute news-July 15, one of the most key names of the coup venture, he spent the night at the Central raider base of the coup security...

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' I do not know Gülen ' said Kemal Batmaz's stay in his house documented
"I do not know smiley," said Kemal Batmaz's residence in his house documented: 4.10.2017 10:16 15 July coup initiative One of most key names of coup, which was identified by security cameras at central raider base of night, Kemal Batmaz on January 1, 2016, American officials who questioned him at airport in United States, " Imam in Pennsylvania Muhammed Fethullah Gülen, " official document of testimony he gave on path came to light.

By U.S. Department of Homeland Security, on 8 September 2017, sent to General Directorate of Police, from here to Ankara Republic Chief Prosecutor's Office after case of Akıncı base, Ankara 4. The Supreme Criminal Tribunal and general staff were seen in case of main headquarters in 17th. This document, which has been transmitted as evidence to heavy criminal tribunal, is one of most important evidence that has been directly associated with coup initiative with Fetullah Gülen.

Official document formally revealed relationship

The most important reason for this is that official US document was Decision center of coup at raider base on night of July 15th, 143. The presence of a close relationship between Kemal Batmaz and Fetullah Gülen in fleet reveals in full clarity. from this document, public and Court of judges, who are also judging him, learned that Kemal Batmaz was his guest at mansion where Gulen lived in United States, where he went six and a half months before coup.

' I do not know Smiley ' statement has rotted

Anor important aspect of document is fact that Batmaz has been captured and that he has given his testimony that he does not recognise "Fetullah Gülen" . Batmaz, after capture of prosecutor's statement on October 18, 2016, "I do not know myself, I recognize media. Initially, I see a structure that begins as sincere as beginning of a structure that causes some problems, as time progresses, as it becomes sexist and seululized. I began to see Fetullah Gulen movement as of end of 2014, 2015 as per organization... Therefore, fetus is head of terrorist organization and is a terrorist, "he said. He admitted that he was working in congregation's companies in past, but he recorded that he was leaving source Holding.

In response to "head of terror organization " for smiley, it turns out that he is a guest of person he described in this manner when he went to United States about 10 months ago.

Passport attendant suspected of visiting intensity

This briefing of US administration, which has been one of most critical developments in light of Gulen's connection to coup initiative on 15 July, was U.S. government's New Jersey state in Newark on January 1, 2016, six and a half months before coup attempt. Based on an interrogation at airport.

The airport passport control is being done by Customs and Border Protection officers affiliated with Department of Homeland Security. He wants to be taken to a detailed interview to question intention of coming to United States, on suspicion that he has come to United States very often in passport control. On top of that, anor enclosure officer is taking Batmaz to a private interview. Then, as a standard application, a summary of this interview is held and recorded in system. The American authorities, after many applications of Ministry of Justice, had a significant cooperation with Ankara on September 7, about a month before that, conveyed text of report on Batmaz's interview to Ankara.

The document was sent to Office of United States Department of Homeland Security by representative of Ankara in Directorate of Police for Combating smuggling and organised crime.

A remarkable aspect of this report is that, in response to wear conditions, plane had to land at Newark Airport in New Jersey, as Batmaz actually received a ticket to plane to Dulles airport near Washington D.C.

This document also reveals that Batmaz went to United States through England. This is a very important detail. Because of official reports on international outlets of Batmaz, on 1 January 2016 it appears he was departing from Istanbul to England. In an indictment on case of Akinci base, assessment said that Batmaz went to England on this date. However, official document from United States reveals that Batmaz is actually going to United States by transferring through UK.

His friend will take him to smiley

"Only for official use/only for use of Law enforcement forces" written by US authorities in this document, above is called:

"The person was taken to a second interview on January 1, 2016, on suspicion that he had come to United States by officer (who was viewing his passport) and probably wanted to overcome need for immigration visas. The person who brought us $7,000 in conjunction with United States stated that it would use it for personal purposes. He will spend his first evening at Riviera Hotel, 169 Clinton Street, Newark New Jersey. The next time, he will stay with Imam Muhammad Fethullah Gülen in Pennsylvania. The person, his friend Ismail Çelik (phone: 201 4508010) (Note: 201 New Jersey Code) said he was going to meet him tonight and take him to his hotel. Or friend Yavuz Ulusoy (10 Stevens Road Apt 94 Wallington New Jersey) will take him to house of Muhammad Fethullah Gulen. (Does not know address to stay in Pennsylvania.)

The person's own Matrix real estate investment avg. An architectural company called.

The person said he was on a plane to Dulles (Sterling, Virginia) Airport, but airline changed flight route due to wear conditions, and that he would exit Dulles Airport again. While planning a trip, his friends soon told m y wanted to find any airport, said y would come and take him. The person has stated that re is no or acquaintance in United States. He is a resident of Orhan Veli Kanik Caddesi Day Street, Mihrabat site 5-7 Kavacık/Istanbul Turkey. His wife, Gonca, lives with his children. The person is n released without any incidents. "

The orphan went to England day before that.

Kemal Batmaz, in case of Raider base, fetus smiling and "Air Force Imam" Fair orphan after number three is tried as accused. The indictment was based on Official Records of Batmaz, which he frequently went to United States in period prior to July 15th coup. Batmaz, on July 11, 2016, four days before coup, same flight with fair orphan, went to United States and stayed here for one evening, n on July 13th again with orphan on same plane returned to Turkey. He said he didn't know orphan before, n admitted he had met him in past in court.

Kemal Batmaz, center of night of 15th of July, Akinci base of military and civilian managers in 143. He was captured in fleet's security cameras, arguing that he had overcome night after being detained by gendarmerie in open terrain around base next day, defending himself as "I was looking at plot". An interesting point was that orphan, like Batmaz, was captured in open terrain around raider on July 16th and was similarly "looking at land" defense.

In meantime, according to indictment of Raider base, fair orphan seems to have released to England one day before Batmaz went to England on 1 January 2016. In this case, it is highly unlikely that orphan has gone to United States via England as well. It doesn't seem surprising when both of m are in United States at same time that duo is remembered for 11-13 July 2016 companion.

Sedat Ergin-Hurriyet


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