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Idlib description from TSK: Observation point started to be created

The description of the Idlib operation came from TSK. Chief of staff, the elements of the Turkish armed forces, which will serve in the Idlib tension reduction zone, have begun to constitute the activities of the observation points from yesterday.

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Idlib description from TSK: Observation point started to be created

"As part of Astana process, ensuring establishment of ceasefire, supervision and continuation, provision of humanitarian aid to needs of people and ensuring appropriate conditions for return of displaced people to ir homes," general Staff said in a statement. The elements of Turkish armed forces that will serve in Idlib tension reduction zone, in coordination with discovery activities initiated on 08 October 2017, have been in form of observation points since 12 October 2017. Started ".

"The elements of Turkish armed forces are continuing ir duties in region within framework of agreed engagement rules by Guarantor countries during Astana process," statement said.

Play 01:37 The first footage from tsk Idlib, Turkish special forces entered region last night, following announcement that TSK's reconnaissance teams entered Idlib. With a special force of around 80, 12 armored vehicles entered Idlib. Here are first images... Comment

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Idlib has a strategic significance when operation is initiated by forces of FSA. (Infographic: Tunç Çevik)

World in Mehmetçikidlib

Earth domestic drones are airborne for Idlib!

Operation peace and stability in world Idlib!


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