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Increase the sightings of cetaceans and other species in the Ligurian Sea

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Increase the sightings of cetaceans and other species in the Ligurian Sea
 The Ligurian Sea as an aquarium open to sky:  increase number of sightings between cetaceans in this first part of 2017. Fin whales, sperm whales, manta rays, sea turtles: from data of beginning of August, Cima Foundation (International Centre on Environmental Monitoring) are widely exceeded sightings recorded all over 2016.2017 is definitely a year più rich than in past, this is due not only to a greater number of outputs in sea due to sea conditions più favorable, but, above all, a greater number of sightings. Cima foundation: number of sightings of cetaceans in Ligurian Sea. Chasing whale Share   today, re are 205 of fin whales sighted, più than double in 2016, when it has been viewed 89; 42 Sperm whales counted (re were 46 in 2016), 116 Zifi spotted, type of dolphins is very rare, 5 packs of long-finned pilot whales, a sighting usually more rare and a group of risso's dolphins off coast of Genoa. A sighting quest' last, which has aroused a lot of interest at international level, since species was not seen in this area for at least two years. The treasures of Ligurian Sea, elegance of manta Share   re are also Many sightings of dolphins, more than 5000 striped dolphins (about 4500 in 2016) and 113 bottlenose dolphins. And next to cetaceans 2017 is to record a peak in sightings of sea turtles, with 16 turtles caretta-caretta spotted in a single afternoon. Also sightings of manta rays that, in a season, could be counted on about a hand, y have become creatures of habit. “Until now – explains Luca Ferraris, President of Foundation to Top – we have monitored about 15 thousand kilometers to edge of different platforms used for monitoring: ferries of Company Corsica – Sardinia Ferries, Whale watching boats of Companies Consorzio Liguria Via Mare and Gulf of Paradise and l’boat of CIMA Foundation, catamaran Headwind, hosted at Marina di Loano, to ensure più wide coverage of ligurian Sea. On board, in addition to our researchers, also students  from 15 different nations participating in program CETASMUS that have allowed a’wide collaboration to combine tourism and environment. We are building over years a network of collaborations, also with or bodies of research that operate on territory: ARPAL, Università di Genova, Tethys, and Aquarium of Genoa just to mention main”. Increasingly numerous sightings of humpback whales in Ligurian Sea Share   “The data of quest’year of Foundation of SUMMIT, we speak of a Ligurian Sea is basically in good health – adds ’s regional councillor all’s Environment James Giampedrone - with a boom of fitoplankton and large concentrations of chlorophyll, which has guaranteed presence of nutrients capable of supporting weight of più large predators. Surely as a Region we will continue in our campaign support to monitoring of ecosystems and bio-diversityà marina  that falls in vein of projects dedicated to study of bio-diversityà, thanks to Foundation TOP and ARPAL with which to carry out a correct management and preservation of ’s marine environment”.


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