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Israel sells arms to Myanmar

An Israeli activist lawyer, Mack, suing Myanmar for the demand for the cessation of arms sales; ' The Israeli government did not deny arms exports and military training to Myanmar, but also refused to provide detailed information on what they were doing. The question of selling arms to Myanmar is not only for commercial purposes, but for the sale of political loyalty, ' he said.

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Israel sells arms to Myanmar

Israel is moving to judiciary with evidence of questionable arms sale to Myanmar, where attacks against Arabanese Muslim civilians, Israeli Government's refrain from making official statements and not to deny news about sale of arms is remarkable .

The Israeli Supreme Court has decided on case filed by human rights defenders in order to halt sale of arms to Myanmar. However, due to prohibition of court's release, this decision was not disclosed to public.

The Israeli activist lawyer Eitay Mack, who filed case, explained details of process.

Stating that military relations between two countries have long been closely monitored, Mack said Israeli government is trying to conceal arms sales to Myanmar administration, which continues to commit crimes against humanity.


Reminding that Israeli Government generally does not share information about arms sale agreements with or countries with public, Mack expressed a similar route to accord with Myanmar.

Lawyer Mack, however, is a clear proof of sale of questionable arms, with photos and information published in press with social media site Facebook shared by General Min Aung Hlaing, president of Myanmar chief of staff, in September 2015 .

Israel's arms sale to Myanmar is in middle

At beginning of delegation of Hlaing's country of high-ranking army members known to war crimes, he noted that he was sharing on Facebook for his visit to Israel, and in Myanmar press, some weapons from Israel during visit He was quoted as a part of news that troops of Myanmar's army were trained by Israel.

  • Noting that re are no information about purchased weapons, Mack noted, however, that Israel has some data about selling a warship to Myanmar.

The Haaretz newspaper, published in Israel, also wrote that Myanmar Navy bought a battleship from Israel, aerial air missiles and a cannon. The news also provided military training to Myanmar Army of a company called TAR Ideal Concepts, an Israeli company developed fighter planes for Myanmar, from suppliers of Israeli Defense Ministry.

"The request to stop sale of arms was rejected."

"In October 2016, Myanmar administration began extensive operations against Arakanese Muslims," Mack said, continuing to follow developments. For this reason, I applied to Israeli Defence Ministry to stop selling arms to Myanmar, of course y refused, "he said.

Following this decision of defence Ministry, he said he decided to apply to Supreme Court of Israel, highest judicial authority in country, Mack, saying, "I submitted petition to Supreme Court in January 2017, requesting cessation of arms sales. This reference also participated in 10 human rights activists from Israel, "he said.

  • Mack, case petition, General Hlaing's social media shares, as well as Israeli Defence Ministry's foreign Co-operation unit responsible for visit to Myanmar, sale of warships and military education and arms sales and military He voiced that he was based on news in Myanmar press on education agreement.

The Silence of Israel

Noting that court is not looking at cases based on assumption, Mack said, "but important thing is that Israeli Government reacted to petition. The government did not deny military training to Myanmar with arms exports, but also refused to provide detailed information about what y did. If arms were not exported to Myanmar, government would take case to investigate why, "he said.

The Israeli Supreme Court was listening to complaints about arms sales to conflict zones at last week's hearing, Mack, who n made his decision, but on request of State authorities, court imposed a ban on decision on issue Said.

Protest show to be held

Mack, "I can't explain contents of decision because of prohibition of broadcasting. I can tell you that a demonstration will be held in front of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's home in Jerusalem on Thursday to protest sale of arms to Myanmar and to request that this sale be stopped, "he said.


Israeli people's reaction

Noting that Israeli people are closely interested in Myanmar and court process, Mack noted, "Everyone knows what is going on, but large part sees Israel's interests more superior than international law and or obligations" Spoke.

In this regard, big shows did not wait for Mack, noted following:

"I don't think it would be a large public movement or Israeli state to blame. Israel will continue to export weapons to Myanmar. I'm talking about transfer of military training and information that can be used in criminal acts, not just for sale of weapons. Therefore issue is not only sale of weapons "

"The question of selling arms to Myanmar is not just about commercial purpose"


The Israeli activist lawyer, who stressed that issue is beyond money, continued as follows:

"Israel has been selling weapons not only to Myanmar for decades, but also to or dictatorships. The question of selling arms to Myanmar is not only for commercial purposes, but for sale of political loyalty. It's a matter of interest. Myanmar is one of Israel's longest-lasting allies in Asia. There have been diplomatic relations between two countries since 1950s. Israel is seeking unconditional supporters and friends from international organisations to occupy Palestinian territories forever. I think it's situation with Myanmar. "

  • Eitay Mack, after that, "we have to wait. First, we will request abolition of release ban on court ruling. Meanwhile, we will continue public mobility of arms sale to Myanmar. If re is no new information or developments regarding issue, I can reapply to court, "he said.

Thousands of Muslims have lost ir lives since August 25th, when Myanmar army attacked civilians in Arakan on grounds of combating armed militants. The number of civilians who died due to no access to area was not allowed to be fully identified.

The ad was destroyed by more than 200 villages, armies and fanatical Buddhists in recent attacks.

In Myanmar, 84 percent of approximately 2 million Arakanese Muslims who have been exposed to ethnic cleansing since 1970s have sought refuge in surrounding countries.

Tens of thousands of Arakanese Muslims, currently in Myanmar, are trying to flee to Bangladesh.


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