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It was clear how the uncaught fetuses communicated

Last minute news-in the scope of the Feö/PDY investigation conducted by the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Konya, the organization is new in the city after the July 15th coup initiative...

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It was clear how the uncaught fetuses communicated
It was clear how uncaught fetuses were communicating AA Agenda News entry date: 13.10.2017 11:15 In scope of Feö/PDY investigation conducted by Chief Prosecutor of Republic of Konya, organization was determined to enter new structuring in city following July 15th coup initiative. Investigation; The organisation was shrinking, small regional agencies were established and operation of digital materials seized by a new crypto communication program was determined to use.

Under investigation of Fetullaçı terror organization/Parallel state structuring (Feö/pdy) conducted by Chief Prosecutor of Republic of Konya, organisation entered into new structuring of city was determined to use a different communication program.

New information reached

According to information received, new information has been reached in province of Feö/Pdy investigation.

Within scope of investigation, suspected confessions of provincial structuring and Directorate of Anti-Terrorism branch of Konya Police Department (TEM) were made technical and physical follow-up.

After coup initiative of Feö on 15 July 2016, it was determined that it entered into a new structure.

After coup initiative of organization lost many members and went to shrink, small regional agencies in province, information was established, operation carried out on 7 October, a new communication as a result of examination of digital Metaryal seized Program has also been revealed.

University students targeted

It was understood that organisation's new civilian structuring, especially university students, are using newly opened houses.

Furrmore, terrorist organization of fatwa was found to form "Gaybubet houses", where fugitive persons sought for crime of establishing, managing or becoming members of organization were stored and conducted by organization activities.

4 Gaybubet houses have been deciphered in recent operation aimed at new civilian structure in Konya Provincial center of organisation.

Black PROPAGANDA in social media

47 people were detained in scope of investigation, especially those who created necessary technical programs and fake social media accounts to conduct black propaganda in social media.

In search, a total of 19 thousand 190 pounds was seized with counterfeit identity, digital materials and organization, which was evaluated to belong to a thousand 750 dollars.

In preliminary examination of seized digital materials, new programs used in organization's crypto communication were deciphered after coup attempt.

The investigations on crypto programs were learned.

On or hand, operations of people detained under scope of operation continues.


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